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Pig And A Jelly Jar

Taste of the Town - Ogden Restaurant Week

During Ogden Restaurant Week you can enjoy mouth-watering appetizers, entrees, desserts, pastries and beverages from Ogden’s finest downtown restaurants.

During Ogden Restaurant Week you can experience a diverse selection of eateries that feature food from all over the world. This year Ogden Restaurant Week takes place April 12-21st!

Angry Goat Pub & Kitchen

Angry goat ogden

Angry Goat Pub & Kitchen is one of Ogden’s newest eateries and boasts one of the city’s broadest beer selections. Be sure to order the Angry Goat Balls for an appetizer. Don’t worry…it’s not one of those cuisines that’s based on a dare, like “Rocky Mountain Oysters.” The Angry Goat currently operates under a dining club license which allows it a full bar along with all-ages access. Under Utah’s ever-changing liquor laws, it will likely transition to a 21+ establishment this summer. In the meantime, some great family dining is to be had. Angry Goat also features live music on most weekends. Check their Facebook page for a current schedule.

Bangkok Garden

bangkok garden

Here’s a little anecdote about this amazing Thai restaurant: This winter, Visit Ogden hosted top pro-skier, Tim Durtschi and his girlfriend, Heather Hendricks, along with a film crew that documented their adventures at our area ski resorts. You can check out their experience here. Upon their arrival, the whole group checked-in to the Courtyard Marriott and strolled to the nearest restaurant, Bangkok Garden, for dinner. The following day, after an intense day on the slopes, we offered to take them out to dinner. The group unanimously requested to return to Bangkok Garden for the second night in a row. The point is, one trip to this place is going to lead to several return visits.

Bigelow Grill

Bigelow Grill

Bigelow Grill, located on the ground floor of the Bigelow Hotel & Suites at 25th and Washington Blvd., often gets overlooked as a “hotel restaurant.” However, this stand-alone restaurant in one of Ogden’s most iconic buildings recently brought on a new chef whose offerings are anything but traditional “hotel restaurant” fare. It is an ideal place to start any evening along Historic 25th Street.

Even Stevens

Even Stevens Ogden

This craft-casual restaurant serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner in delicious and sustainable ways. For most places, that would mean recycling or reducing waste. Even Stevens goes way beyond that. For every sandwich sold, they donate a sandwich to local non-profits…over 2.5 million to date. By contributing to the future of the community, Even Stevens makes it easy to simultaneously eat well and do good.

Harley & Buck’s

Harley & Buck's

A century ago, when every transcontinental railroad passenger stepped off the platform and wandered up the street, Ogden was known for the breadth and quality of its cuisine. The Union Pacific trains that transported passengers from east to west also hauled the freshest steaks and chops from the stockyards in Kansas City. The Central Pacific trains moving people from west to east pulled cars of fresh oysters, seafood, and produce from California. All of those trains met in Ogden and Harley & Buck’s may be the best representation of what Ogden dining used to be. Its brick walls, tall ceilings, and rich, wood appointments are the perfect setting to enjoy Harley & Buck’s cuisine.

Harp & Hound

Harp and Hound

Harp & Hound is the ideal space for personal interaction. The centerpiece of the restaurant is its gorgeous, industrial-inspired bar down the middle. Patrons actually face one another . . . you know, like actual human beings did before we all put our noses in our phones. If you absolutely have to check the score, you can always turn around for a quick glance at one of the flatscreens. Harp & Hound’s daily lunch specials and happy hour prices draw a good crowd of downtown workers in the afternoon. Once the sun goes down, it’s all about the nightlife. Check out karaoke night, or bounce downstairs to catch some live music at sister-joint, Funk ’n Dive.

Hearth on 25th

Hearth on 25th Ogden

Hearth on 25th offers more locally sourced items than nearly any other restaurant in the Ogden area. House-made pasta and specialty olive oils accompany locally grown produce, locally distilled spirits in signature cocktails, and a selection of wild game.

Iggy’s Sports Grill

Iggy's Ogden

Wondering where to catch the game over dinner? Iggy’s Sports Grill is THE sports bar and restaurant in Ogden. And by “the game,” we mean ANY game…March Madness, NFL playoffs, World Cup Soccer, an obscure golf tournament, whatever. Along with their multiple big-screen televisions with endless sports programming, Iggy’s offers over 52 beers and an expansive menu so the appetite of virtually any super-fan can be satisfied.

Lighthouse Lounge

Lighthouse Lounge

Ask a local to name their favorite bar, you’re likely to hear Lighthouse Lounge. Ask them for a list of places with great food, Lighthouse will be on it. Inquire about the best place to catch good live music and Lighthouse Lounge will be the first words out of their mouth. The burgers are amazing, the nachos will require a box for leftovers, but the essential menu item that you must try is the fried egg BLT.

Lucky Slice Pizza

Lucky Slice

Don’t be intimidated by the line that constantly exists at Lucky Slice. Acknowledge it as evidence of just how good their pizza is and know that they move people though the line quickly. From its humble beginnings at the corner of 25th and Lincoln, Lucky Slice has enjoyed meteoric success. Additional locations have opened in Layton, Logan, Powder Mountain, and wherever their popular food truck rolls up, but the original Lucky Slice experience is still available where it all started. This is a place you’re likely to hit more than once in a day. At least once a month, you should try the signature pie for the month for lunch. And if you’re not grabbing a slice after a late night on 25th Street, you’re not doing Ogden right.

Pig & a Jelly Jar

Pig And A Jelly Jar

Locals refer to this funky eatery simply as, “The Pig.” This is the place for serious comfort food done in totally unique ways. Whether you’re looking to recover from a big night on Historic 25th Street or pre-load before hitting the trails or slopes, Pig serves up a magical mix of potatoes, sausage, ham, bacon, and eggs in dozens of configurations that get the job done. Our recommendation? Green eggs and ham.

Prairie Schooner

Ogden UT Restaurant Week

Prairie Schooner is a true dining experience…with equal emphasis on both words…dining and experience. You’ll enjoy some of the area’s best steaks, served on stoneware, in the comfort of your own covered wagon parked among the prairie sage. And you’ll be indoors.

Ramen Haus

Ramen Haus

Ramen Haus is another of Ogden’s newest dining options so even locals who dine around Ogden frequently have the opportunity for a new discovery. Until Ramen Haus opened its doors, anyone looking for a steaming bowl of wholesome, warm ramen had to trek to the Powder Keg at Powder Mountain. Now, a short stroll down Washington Blvd. gets that goodness in you.

Restaurant 1107

Dining Ogden

Simply put, Restaurant 1107 provides the best views for dining of any restaurant in Ogden. Located on the 11th floor of the Bigelow Hotel & Suites, this eatery overlooks downtown Ogden and offers stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. The only thing that matches the epic view is the quality of the cuisine. Our favorite time to frequent Restaurant 1107 is just before sunset. The alpenglow that occurs, Summer or Winter, is spectacular. Don’t forget your camera. You’ll want both mountain and “foodie” photos. The office favorite around here is the apricot chicken.

Roosters Brewing Co. 

Roosters Brewing

We can sum up Roosters in two words: Ogden’s brewpub. Anyone who has been around Ogden for a couple of decades might refer to it as the “Heartbeat of 25th Street.” Roosters is more than a restaurant and brewpub. It’s a gathering place. An information center. A hub. In addition to a well-rounded selection of handcrafted beer and seasonal brews, any item on the menu is a safe bet. It’s the kind of place where you don’t worry when one of your favorite items rolls off the menu because it is sure to be replaced by a couple more. If you only order one thing, make it the Pepperjack Shrimp…sometimes referred to by locals as “Pepper-Crack Shrimp,” or just “Crack” if you’re in a hurry.

Rovalis Ristorante Italiano

Rovalis Italian Ogden

Rovali’s Ristorante Italiano has pretty much swept every award around for “Best Italian Food” in Ogden for the better part of a decade. Of course their pasta is amazing, but be sure to venture onto the bakery section of the menu for a little something to take home. You won’t be sorry.

Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria

Slackwater Pizza

Officially, this place is called Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria, but locals simply call it Slackwater. Adding the words “pub and pizzeria” gives the mistaken idea that it’s pitchers of cheap draft beer and arcade games. The truth is, Slackwater is easily one of Ogden’s most popular hangouts. Located on Washington Blvd. at the base of the iconic Ogden Arch and along the scenic Ogden River, Slackwater serves up some of the area’s best food…from artisan pizza, gourmet wings, fresh salads, and signature sandwiches along with the most extensive beer menu in the city. Their live dinner music showcases most of Ogden’s top talent at volume levels that still allow intimate conversation. Bottom line: no trip to Ogden is complete without a meal at Slackwater.

Smokey’s BBQ & Grill

Smokey's BBQ Ogden

Two things are going to happen when you go to Smokey’s: you’re going to eat some of the best barbecue you've ever had, and you’re going to meet a man named Tyrone…the guy who makes it. The meat that is so tender that you can eat it with a spoon, is smoked to perfection every single day by Tyrone himself, using recipes and methods that date back to his great-grandfather somewhere in the south. A word of advice: get there early enough for burnt ends. They are easily the most popular item on the menu, they are limited in quantity, and they go fast every single day.

Sonora Grill

Mexican Food Ogden

You’ll probably have to wait for a table at Ogden’s best Mexican restaurant, but you won’t mind…simply enjoy a signature margarita at the bar made with locally distilled agave spirits from New World Distillery, while you wait. Even if you get lucky and don’t have to wait for a table, do the whole bar/margarita thing. Oh, and be sure to order the guacamole. If you pay close attention as they make it at your table, you might be able to steal a few secrets to improve your own guacamole at home.

Thai Curry Kitchen

Thai Curry Kitchen

Get in. Get out. Get on with your Ogden adventure. This is the place to grab some delicious sustenance on the go. You call the shots on how much heat you want, but we encourage you to kick it up one notch higher than you think you can handle. C’mon…make a memory!

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station

Pull up a seat at the grill and enjoy dinner and a show. Tokyo Station is an upbeat eatery featuring familiar sushi options & performing chefs grilling Japanese teppanyaki.

Tona Sushi

Sushi in Ogden

What can we say about one of the most highly awarded restaurants in town? Tona consistently takes home statewide honors for the best Japanese cuisine in Utah. Executive Chef, Tony Chen, is truly a master in layering colors, textures, and flavors into the best sushi you’ll ever experience. You simply can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, and we recommend following them on Instagram for a glimpse into special dishes that come and go quickly. We’re not sure we’re supposed to talk about the various “ghost menu” offerings that exist. Find a local and ask subtle questions as though you were in the espionage business. If they don’t whisper a recommendation for the “Jack,” they don’t know what they’re talking about…but you didn’t hear that from us.

Union Grill

Union Grill

Everything about Union Grill just feels like Ogden…from the historical photos that adorn the walls to the industrial decor to the menu that is as varied as the people of Ogden. As a sister restaurant to Roosters Brewing Co., the same extensive beer selection is available. A sizable chunk of Ogden’s population is unable to function without a bowl of Union Grill French Onion soup at least once a month.

Warren’s Craft Burger

Warren's Ogden

Warren’s doesn’t flip burgers or make burgers or cook burgers. They CRAFT burgers. Every burger begins with a half-pound of hand-smashed, fresh-ground chuck beef and a stone-ground bakery bun. Where it goes from there is limited only to your imagination. With so many options, we recommend going with the Craft Sliders so you can sample multiple offerings.

Zucca Ristorante

Zucca offers a polished casual dining experience, featuring authentic Italian Regional Cuisine with a modern approach. The menu at Zucca changes with the seasons, creating a vibrant, beautiful array of dishes. During the Northern Utah growing seasons, organic produce is sourced from local farmers. Zucca’s excellent wine list showcases the classic Italian wines, as well as the new generation of Italian, Latin American & North American winemakers.