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River District

Flowing mountain water and lush shade make this area cool in the summertime. Eclectic restaurants and shops make this area cool year-round.

A stroll through Ogden’s River District belies its past. The prevailing thought about rivers at the time of Ogden’s pioneer settlement, was that they were the source of mosquitoes and disease and places to be avoided. As a result, rivers and the areas around them were seen as dumping grounds, and in Ogden’s railroad and industrial boom, the Ogden River took a beating.

With abundant community effort and investment, the river was painstakingly cleaned up and restored to its natural beauty, earning it the distinction of being the only urban blue-ribbon trout trout fishery west of the Mississippi River. From that rebirth came additional improvements and amenities. Today, the Ogden River is the centerpiece around which has grown eclectic restaurants, pubs and housing, all connected by the picturesque Ogden River Parkway.

Northern Utah’s best beer selection and some of Ogden’s best food can be found right on banks of the river at Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria, right where the “Ogden Arch” spans Washington Blvd. Some of the state’s best steaks are available at both Prairie Schooner and Timbermine with the river audibly flowing by. Don’t miss breakfast on one of the decks over the river up Ogden Canyon at The Oaks.

A bike ride or easy stroll along the lush Ogden River Parkway will take you through the Botanical Gardens, past the Dinosaur Park and up to Rainbow Gardens at the mouth of Ogden Canyon.