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Ogden Weather

Kicked back at the foot of the Wasatch Mountain Range, Ogden, Utah features a relatively dry climate with warm summer days and some of the most beautiful winters in North America. Summer highs tend to be in the upper 70's, with July averaging 90 degrees. Annual average precipitation is 24 inches. Rainfall is fairly even throughout the year, with May being the wettest month.

Winters are cold with temperatures in the 30's.The coldest month is January with an average low of 20 degrees. In town, the annual snowfall measures 65.3 inches, while the surrounding ski resorts boast a whopping 450 inches annually, offering over 37 feet of pristine powder just a short twenty-minute drive from town.

Layers are recommended year-round, as temperatures tend to vary 20 degrees or more from day to night.

Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
Partly cloudy overnight.
High 41°
Low 26°
Chance of Rain 0%
Wind SE at 2 MPH
Sunday, Nov 19, 2017
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High 47°
Low 31°
Chance of Rain 11%
Wind SE at 4 MPH
Monday, Nov 20, 2017
Light snow (< 1 in.) in the morning.
High 46°
Low 36°
Chance of Rain 33%
Wind SE at 6 MPH
Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017
Overcast throughout the day.
High 50°
Low 41°
Chance of Rain 21%
Wind SE at 5 MPH
Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High 59°
Low 45°
Chance of Rain 3%
Wind SE at 3 MPH
Thursday, Nov 23, 2017
Mostly cloudy until evening.
High 59°
Low 44°
Chance of Rain 8%
Wind SE at 3 MPH
Friday, Nov 24, 2017
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High 59°
Low 43°
Chance of Rain 11%
Wind SE at 1 MPH
Saturday, Nov 25, 2017
Mostly cloudy in the morning.
High 55°
Low 40°
Chance of Rain 12%
Wind SE at 1 MPH