Q. What is Ogden’s Elevation?

Q. What is the population?

Q. Where is the closest airport?

Q. How far is Ogden from…?

Q. Will I need a car for my vacation in Ogden?

Q. What are the opening and closing dates of Ogden’s major ski resorts?

Q. When is the best time to come out and ski/snowboard?

Q. Are there any must-see holiday lights or activities during the winter season in Ogden?

Q. What are the road conditions like in the winter?

Q. What will the weather be like when I visit?

Q. How can I find out about ski deals and travel packages?

Q. I hear that Utah’s beer is all low point and the liquor laws are strict, how do I get around that in Ogden?

​Q. The place I want to play or visit is full, so now what?

Q. Where can I get great Italian/Pizza/Sushi/etc.?

Q, Where can I go for a run?

Q. How to get on the freeway going southbound?


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