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West Weber

Western Weber County is where we grow cows, alfalfa, corn, onions, pumpkins, farm boys…and state champion football players. Face it, boys who break horses and buck hay can’t be beat by city kids on the field.

From late Spring through early Autumn, the best way to experience the action in rural Weber County is to enjoy its bounty as it’s sold every Saturday morning at Ogden’s Farmers Market on 25th Street. But as the harvest moon rises in late September, visitors can find a few more opportunities for a hands-on experience as several corn fields and pumpkin patches transform into family fun.

Once the harvests are in, it’s also a great time to catch some great high school football action as schools like Weber and Fremont High Schools begin their perennial race toward the state championships. Fremont, in particular, is nearly always a contender, if not the outright state champion.

Western Weber County is also the gateway to the brackish marshes of the Great Salt Lake which begins to teem with migrating waterfowl…and waterfowl hunters…in the fall and winter. Wade-in options are available at Ogden Bay Recreation Area, but boaters will find virtually unlimited access to some of the finest duck and goose hunting anywhere. The Great Salt Lake sits squarely on the seam of the Pacific and Central flyways and the variety and abundance of waterfowl species is unrivaled anywhere.

Cactus Reds


Remuda Golf Course