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University District

Weber State, Weber State, Great, Great, Great! (hometown cheer)

Weber State. It’s pronounced wee’•bur. Whatever you do, don’t say “webber.”

Far to the west of Ogden, you’re likely to see “amber waves of grain” in Weber County’s agricultural district, but as you travel to the east, you’ll definitely see “purple mountains’ majesty”…literally. High on Ogden’s east bench sits the campus of Weber State University and the purple that runs through the veins of every true Wildcat flows throughout the city. A visitor could remain occupied for days simply soaking in the beautiful campus and its amenities and athletics and be accepted as a local for simply wearing any item of clothing in purple.

While on campus, be sure to go to one of their many events, check out the Weber County Ice Sheet, home to the curling events during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. The facility was recently expanded to include a second rink due to overwhelming demand, so you may be able to enjoy a curling clinic or a bit of open skating time between little league hockey games, curling leagues, figure skating tournaments or an Ogden Mustangs game.

Take a short walk from campus and you’ll find some of Ogden’s favorite haunts. Of course there are the requisite coffee shops and spots for students to grab a quick bite, but also many of Ogden’s favorite places to get both lost and found. One hotspot to be “found” is The Pie Pizzeria, and while abundant signage make it difficult to actually get lost, many of Ogden’s favorite trailheads surround the university, making it easy to get “lost” in a figurative sense.

Corner Bakery Cafe

Hug Hes Cafe

The Pie Pizzeria