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Tona Sushi Bar and Grill

Delicate, edible art. That is how patrons describe the features dishes at Tona.

Their food is meticulously prepared and attractively arranged. Tona combines local seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood from around the world to provide guests a new level of culinary dining experience.

  • Lunch (Choose Two-courses For $10)

    Course 1 (Choose One)
    (courses may not be served in order)

    Coco Shrimp
    Freshly coated coconut crust prawns, sweet spicy sauce

    Vegetable Tempura
    Fresh seasonal vegetables dipped in crispy tempura

    Quick seared ahi, fresh cut pineapple, chili garlic sauce, jalapeno

    Course 2 (Choose One)

    Pepper Tuna Salad
    Seared tuna, field greens, toasted almonds, cucumber, avocado, tempura bites,
    house made carrot soy-sesame vinaigrette

    Miso Salmon Teriyaki
    Grilled Atlantic salmon, mango-corn salsa with miso teriyaki

    Poke Roll
    Pineapple, snow crab, avocado, assorted fish mix, unagi sauce, almonds, tobiko

  • Dinner (Choose Three-Courses For $17)

    Course 1 (Choose One)
    (courses may not be served in order)

    Charred Cauliflower
    Sriracha aioli, sweet soy, tempura bites

    Salt & Pepper Fish
    Assorted fish cut from sushi bar in light tempura batter

    Welded Salmon & Tuna

    Tucked in pickled shishito pepper, miso butter mustard, basil, brussels sprout chip

    Course 2 (Choose One)

    Flash fried mackerel marinated in chili vinegar, pickled veggies

    Seared Escolar
    Spicy tom yum coconut broth, shaved fennel, sweet pepper, house dried grapes

    Hamachi Nectar
    Spicy yellowtail, snow crab salad, asparagus, nectarine, unagi sauce, tobiko

    Nabeyaki Udon
    Noodles cooked in soy broth, tempura prawn, chicken, seasonal vegetables

    Course 3 (Choose One)

    Mascarpone Peanut Butter
    Cookie brittle, cucumber granita, candied almond, oreo soil, blueberry, sweet basil

    Double Deck Mousse
    Creamy white and dark chocolate, artisan wafer