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Two rivers run through it

Fly Fishing in Ogden

The Ogden area sits at the confluence of two rivers — the Weber and the Ogden. Like most western rivers, head upstream for smaller rainbows, cutthroats and brookies that can be a bit reckless. Aim downstream for bigger, more savvy browns. This is three to five weight country. Know how to read water and make sure your fly box is full because the dense vegetation that lines the streams eats flies as voraciously as the trout.

Ogden River, South fork
The South Fork of the Ogden River flows out of Causey Reservoir through the surrounding hills with large cottonwood stands, and into Pineview Reservoir. Although not a large tailwater by western standards, the South Fork’s relatively consistent flows and water temperatures produce excellent hatches and, at times, some rather large trout. The South Fork of the Ogden is one of the few streams in the state that is home to the famous salmonfly. Although present in other local waters, this insect typically emerges during peak runoff, rendering the hatch unfishable. As a tailwater, however, the South Fork is affected little by runoff, making the salmonfly hatch well worth noting. Types of fish: brown trout, cutthroat trout and hatchery rainbow trout.

Ogden River
The Ogden River through Ogden Canyon below Pineview Reservoir is pure pocket water. You can usually count on at least one trout behind every rock. That doesn’t sound too impressive until you see how many rocks we’re talking about here. Small, olive-colored nymphs work well throughout most of the summer and will net trout during the middle of the day while you wait for the canyon walls to shade things enough to bring off the hatch. Recently, the section of the Ogden River near downtown that was restored, was designated a Blue Ribbon Fishery which is unique for a river running through an urban center.

Weber River
High on the western slope of the Uinta Mountains, the Weber (pronounced Wee-ber) River begins as a small, gin-clear trout stream. As it descends toward the valley, it quickly takes on the characteristics of a classic western freestone fishery, which it remains for most of its fishable length. The Weber is one of the Uinta’s larger streams, and its proximity to major population centers makes it a popular fly fishing destination for “after-work” anglers and others short on time.

Ice Fishing in Ogden

Pineview Reservoir
Located about eight miles east of Ogden at 5,000 feet elevation in the center of the Ogden Valley you will find Pineview Reservoir. Here anglers fish for black crappie, largemouth bass, yellow perch and smallmouth bass. The scenery around Pineview is worth the visit. Seeing the mountains from the ice covered damn is an experience to remember.

Causey Reservoir
Located about 26 miles east of Ogden off Highway 39, Causey is one of the most scenic and beautiful reservoirs in Utah. Nestled in steep valley canyons with shear vertical walls and heavily forested areas, most of the area has the appearance of remote wilderness. This is a great place to fish for rainbow trout, brown trout and cutthroat.

For information fishing regulations and licensing, please visit the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

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Wander and Get Lost in Ogden!

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