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Breaking Down the Best Trails to Hike in Ogden

Ogden has extremely popular hiking and mountain biking trails.

This page is just a sample of some local favorites. With hundreds of local trails, the only limit is how much your legs and feet can take. Many more can be found through AllTrails or the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah

Waterfall Canyon

This short, but strenuous hike is a rugged scramble over the rocks and through the trees, yet it has long been one of Ogden’s most popular hikes thanks to the spectacular 200-foot waterfall at the upper end of the canyon. 

Length: 1.2 miles, one way

Difficulty: Difficult

Elevation: 4,760’ to 5,800’

Taylor Canyon

From either the top of 27th Street or the 29th Street Trailhead, follow the signs to Taylor Canyon. As you move deeper and higher into Taylor Canyon, the trail will switchback to the west and you’ll begin your ascent of Malan’s Peak. About halfway up, you’ll get a small taste of the view that awaits before switching back to the east for the final push. 

Length: 1.5 miles, one way

Difficulty: Moderate

Elevation: 4,840’ to 6,400’

Hidden Valley

There’s a reason this trail is appropriately named “Hidden Valley.” Locals want to keep this trail a secret and often place rocks in front of the inconspicuously painted boulder that serves as a trail marker. Hidden Valley begins with some quick elevation gain to get your heart pumping. The trail winds up through a canyon and the terrain evolves from rocky, rugged trail to pine forest to fern grove to a stunning view of Mt. Ogden and Taylor Canyon. 

Length: 1.4 miles, one way

Difficulty: Difficult

Elevation: 5,080’ to 6,760

Beus Canyon Trail

Beus Canyon Trail is named for the Beus family, Italian immigrants who came to the area as Mormon pioneers. They were the first to use the creek waters for their farm, and they actually got the receipt for their land from Brigham Young. Access the Beus Canyon trail at the Forest Service Trailhead on 46th Street (furthest east point on 46th) in Ogden.

Length: 5.6 miles, one way

Difficulty: Difficult

Elevation: 5,100’ to 9,572’