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Paranormal Ogden

Ogden is a city full of spooky and scary ghost stories. Use this map to go on an adventure and see what you can find out about Ogden's past and parts of the past that might still be here!

From eerie encounters at the Ogden City Cemetery to the haunting melodies in Peery's Egyptian Theater, the city of Ogden harbors a trove of supernatural tales that intrigue us. Join us as we delve into the enigmatic stories of "Paranormal Ogden," where specters roam the streets and the boundaries between this world and the next intertwine. Venture forth as we explore the encounters that have solidified Ogden’s spooky and infamous reputation. 

Disclaimer: Some of these facilities are not open to the public. Ghost hunters and enthusiasts must respect private property and obey local regulations. Paranormal sightings are spooky, but breaking the law is spookier! Please obey posted signs and adhere to standard regulations pertaining to visiting sites or avoiding trespassing.

Historic 25th “Two Bit” Street

Ogden's Historic 25th Street is known for its very colorful past. In the early days, Ogden was known for gambling, streetwalking, and murders. Several people were killed in the buildings of 25th street and in the underground tunnels that connected them. 

This colorful history has remained a feature of 25th street with reports of the ghosts of these people still roaming the street and establishments of downtown Ogden. Almost every merchant on 25th street has experienced hauntings in their establishments. Surprisingly, most ghosts are playful and mischievous at most, but rarely ever violent. Some shopkeepers can even identify the names of several of their ghosts by their personalities. 

The “Florence Grange” Grave

The death of Florence Grange has many stories associated with it, but remains unknown. One legend says she was hit by a car while waiting for her boyfriend in the cemetery. Another says she died from choking on a piece of candy. Others believe she passed away from a heart attack caused by influenza. Nonetheless, many people have reported that Florence Grange’s ghost haunts the Ogden City Cemetery. It is said that if you flash your headlights three times on her grave a green ball of light will appear and start floating to your car. As it reaches the passenger door, a girl will appear and reach for the door handle to get in the car.

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