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Enigmatic Exploration: Paranormal Ogden

Enigmatic Exploration: Paranormal Ogden

Step into the shadows and discover Ogden's Paranormal History.

Posted: 08/24/2023

From eerie encounters at the Ogden City Cemetery to the haunting melodies in Peery's Egyptian Theater, the city of Ogden harbors a trove of supernatural tales that intrigue us. Join us as we delve into the enigmatic stories of "Paranormal Ogden," where specters roam the streets and the boundaries between this world and the next intertwine. Venture forth as we explore the encounters that have solidified Ogden’s spooky and infamous reputation. 

Disclaimer: Some of these facilities are not open to the public. Ghost hunters and enthusiasts must respect private property and obey local regulations. Paranormal sightings are spooky, but breaking the law is spookier! Please obey posted signs and adhere to standard regulations pertaining to visiting sites or avoiding trespassing.

Historic 25th “Two Bit” Street

Ogden's Historic 25th Street is known for its very colorful past. In the early days, Ogden was known for gambling, streetwalking, and murders. Several people were killed in the buildings of 25th street and in the underground tunnels that connected them. 

This colorful history has remained a feature of 25th street with reports of the ghosts of these people still roaming the street and establishments of downtown Ogden. Almost every merchant on 25th street has experienced hauntings in their establishments. Surprisingly, most ghosts are playful and mischievous at most, but rarely ever violent. Some shopkeepers can even identify the names of several of their ghosts by their personalities. 

The “Florence Grange” Grave

The death of Florence Grange has many stories associated with it, but remains unknown. One legend says she was hit by a car while waiting for her boyfriend in the cemetery. Another says she died from choking on a piece of candy. Others believe she passed away from a heart attack caused by influenza. Nonetheless, many people have reported that Florence Grange’s ghost haunts the Ogden City Cemetery. It is said that if you flash your headlights three times on her grave a green ball of light will appear and start floating to your car. As it reaches the passenger door, a girl will appear and reach for the door handle to get in the car.

Ogden Exchange Building

The Ogden Exchange Building was originally used as offices for the stockyard. It was then used by Weber County as a Mental Health Services Clinic. Meanwhile, the basement was used as the County Morgue. According to the owner, there are several resident ghosts that haunt its halls. There have been several audio recordings gathered that revealed what is believed to be ghosts talking to one another.

Peery's Egyptian Theater

During the construction of the Egyptian Theater in 1923 a carpenter’s daughter often used to deliver her father’s lunch and play on site. One day as she was playing at the site, she fell from the scaffolding that her father was working on and tragically died. There have been several reports of her ghost being seen in the back of the theater, playing the piano, and turning off the lights.

The North Ogden Divide

The North Ogden Divide is about a five mile stretch of road that connects the town of Liberty and North Ogden City. It is a narrow road with steep drop-offs. There have been several reports of people sighting Native American ghosts on the side of the road along with sightings of strange animals not of this world.

The Eccles Mansion/Weber Club

The Eccles Mansion was bought in 1928 by Edwin Jackson Harness and his wife. Harness’s wife died in the house in 1942. After which, her husband became a recluse and later passed away in 1956. There have been sightings of the couple at various places in the mansion. There have also been reports of seeing a ghost named J.D., a man that the couple employed for many years.

The Prairie Schooner

The Prairie Schooner was owned by a family for 30 years. When the family went into financial hardship, they lost the restaurant. Soon after the father of the family died. It has been said that the owner’s ghost has been haunting the place ever since. A couple of former employees have reported objects moving on their own, lights turning on and off by themselves, unexplainable footsteps going up and downstairs, and a box of frozen French fries being set to flame on their own.

Borgstorm Hall

There have been several reports of people taking pictures of Borgstorm Hall and seeing orbs (alleged spirits) in the pictures. Several people have also reported feelings of being watched along with noticing the lights turning themselves back on after they had been turned off.

Union Station

The Union Station was the joining place of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads for many years. Multiple murders have been committed in or around the station. There have been reports of ghostly children playing, unexplained footsteps, items moving on their own, and spirits seen walking around. 

The Union Station was also the site of a horrible train disaster in 1944. The Bagley Train Disaster had 48 fatalities. One woman, believed to have died in the wreckage, is said to roam the halls of the second floor. Several people have claimed to see her, but apparently she will only speak to men.

The Soldier Statue at Ogden Cemetery

The legend of this statue states that if you walk or drive around the WWI soldier statue at the Ogden City Cemetery three times in the dark he will follow you with his eyes or move positions. 

The Dead Haven Haunted House

Previously the location of the Dead Haven Haunted House. This building was said to have more than just people in costumes scaring visitors. There have been reports of non-human faces in the windows showing up in photographs, while others report hearing unexplained voices.

Ben Lomond Hotel 

The Ben Lomond Hotel, now known as the Bigelow Hotel, is the only remaining operational “Grand” hotel of the original three “Grand” hotels in Utah. It is believed that multiple ghosts haunt the hotel. Many deaths have occurred there over the years, including an employee who fell down the elevator shaft of the hotel and even a murder victim. People have reported unexplained voices, elevators operating on their own, doors slamming, and sightings of ghosts. 

One of the most well known ghost stories is of a tragic bride that stayed in the hotel. It is said that a bride mysteriously died from drowning in the bathtub of the room. Guests have reported the bathtub turning on and off by itself. Additionally, the woman’s son is said to also haunt the hotel in the room next door to hers. Guests in this room report cold spots and creepy feelings, and some have even claimed to see the ghost himself.

Highland Middle School

It is believed that the girl’s bathroom of “H” hall in Highland Middle School is haunted by a young girl. There have been several reports from students of lights flickering on and off, sinks turning on and off on their own, and some even report seeing the young girl in the mirror calling out for help. When students tried to get out of the bathroom they said the door was locked and were not able to get out until 5 minutes afterwards. 

The Lighthouse Lounge

For years, the Lighthouse Lounge employees have reported strange occurrences at the bar that was once a brothel. The employees reported having experiences with a shadow of a man standing in the doorway or down in the basement and seeing bottles placed at the back of the shelves move flying off at people. They also mentioned hearing strange noises like children playing, footsteps, bouncing balls, and ringing from a decorative phone that had been disconnected. 

Tinseltown Theaters Newgate Mall

Prior to Tinseltown buying the location a couple mysteriously died in the theater. Employees have reported sightings of two shadowy figures, objects moving on their own, growling sounds, and various other unexplained activities while cleaning. Some workers have also reported being trapped in the projection room with a door that apparently locks by itself.

Weber State University

In 1993, a student at Weber State University was in a student grievance hearing when he pulled a gun out and started shooting. An on-campus police officer shot the man, who later died from his wounds. Students report feeling as though they're being watched here, and some claim to feel cold spots and hear unexplained noises. 

As we conclude our journey through Ogden’s most haunted areas, one thing becomes abundantly clear: whether you're a devoted believer in the spectral realm or a curious skeptic, the stories of Ogden's hauntings offer a captivating glimpse into the mysteries and lives of the past that continue to fascinate us, spook us, and leave us full of wonder. 

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