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A Guide to The Ogden Bike Park - Visit Ogden

Single-track enthusiasts can find a slice of heaven at the Ogden Bike Park.

Posted: 07/06/2017

With over 30 acres of mountain bike and BMX trails running the gamut of abilities. Features can be found here for those who are just beginning their love with single-track to those who have been an expert for years. Accessed by the 9th Street trailhead, newbies and pros can glide through a variety of single-track trails and jumps. The park also promotes safe riding with one-directional single-tracks for downhill and separate trails for uphill return traffic.

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The Story Behind Ogden's Bike Park

The Ogden Bike Park came to life when a group of interested guys and companies held a fundraiser in February of 2013.  Companies included Quality Bike ProductsRoosters Brewing CoGarage TattooSCOTT SportsSalomonENVE CompositesSlackwater PizzeriaAlpine Trail and Ogden City. Needles to say the fundraiser was a major success, gaining more than $15k and community support for this much needed bike park.  The ground was ready, and Alpine Trails began work in June of the same year.  From that point, it’s a short story of really hard work, a ton of volunteer time, and plenty of high fives.

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What Kinds of Trails Are There?

Today the park features more than 10 different trails, all gravity driven, ranging from beginner to very advanced. The trails are designated as: Green, Blue, Black, Double Black, imitating ski resort difficulty assignments so everyone would understand what they would be riding. Most of the trials are around 1/2 mile long, and average at 500-750 feet of vertical drop.  There are also 2 pump tracks in a nice area with a picnic table, where families usually gather to watch the youngsters ride and have fun.

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The park has hosted companies like Kona Bikes, and Specialized Bicycles who offered new bike/rider demos, which we consider a big compliment.  The park has also been featured in videos on Pink BikeTrailforks, and some features in mountain bike magazines.  The core group of volunteers continues to work on new trails, maintaining the current trails, and growing the fun factor.  Please visit the Ogden Bike Park page on Face Book for more details.

Other notable companies in our community who continue to offer tractor work, and volunteer time include:  Claude Nix ConstructionPitcher PlumbingGeneva Rock and Roosters Brewing Co.

ogden bike park
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