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10 Things to do on a Sunday in the Ogden Area

10 Things to do on a Sunday in the Ogden Area

Posted: 09/11/2018

1- See a double feature at Motor-Vu Drive-In

There’s nothing more nostalgic than a drive-in theater. Lucky for us, we are one of the few locations that still as one. Moto-Vu has been around for over 70 years and it still the place to be in the summertime. There’s cheap concessions, double feature movies and during the day they have a flea market as well.

2-Bike the River Parkway

Hop on your bike (Or rent one from Grounds for Coffee on 25th) and explore the 17 miles of beautiful trails along Ogden’s river. Hop off and grab a bite at Slackwater or enjoy one of the many parks along the trail. 

3-Stock up on fresh spring water

In North Ogden, there is a teeny tiny park called Bicentennial Park where a tree stump spews out fresh spring water for anyone to fill up.  The stump is a replica of the original fountain, and the pump is located behind it, on any given day there is a line of people waiting to fill up with this delicious fresh water and Sunday is no different. Nothing beats fresh and natural!

4-Picnic at the park

Ogden City has more than 40 parks, if you go to one a weekend it fills up almost an entire year! Grab a blanket, make a picnic (or go through the Betos drive through) and enjoy a new view of Ogden in a new neighborhood.

5-Rock climb at the Front Climbing Gym

If the weather isn’t great for outdoor climbing, you can head over to the Front for world-class indoor climbing. If you are new to the gym, you can get a free day pass to try it out. There are also yoga and classes and summer camps for kids.

6-Play Disc Golf

Get outside and get some exercise on a beautiful disc golf course.  If you love casual sports and being outdoors, then this activity is definitely for you. Locals recommend Riverpark Disc Golf Course in Riverdale. Find a course near you at

7-Find treasures while Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun way to get outside, explore nature and use your handy navigational skills. There are hidden treasures all over Ogden just waiting for you to find them. Check out some hunts. Download the official geocaching app for free to get started.

8- Brunch with Friends

Brunch growing in popularity means more restaurants are staying open on Sunday. Many local places even offer up incredible deals like all you can eat French Toast for $3.75 at Even Stevens or $2 Mimosas at City Club. Find all the local brunch deals in Indie Ogden's guide to Brunch

9- Go hiking

Ogden has 266 miles of maintained trails available to hikers, runners, and cyclists. You could hike every Sunday for the entire year and probably still not cover all of it. Spring and early summer are the best time for hiking before the weather really heats up.

10- Go to a Raptors baseball game

Baseball fields around the country seem to be lacking enthusiasm, but here in Ogden is an entirely different story! Raptors fans pack the stadium at every game, and the crowd participation is encouraged. Check out a game and see for yourself, and don’t forget to get hot dogs and ice cream! Season schedule HERE.

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Mikaela is a Portland transplant who has called Ogden home for the past 8 years. When she isn't blogging about her love of the Ogden and local businesses, she works in advertising for a women-run fashion company. For those who ask, the commute is totally worth it and she has no plans to leave Ogden any time soon.
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