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Keep Ogden, Utah's Wild Places Wild (#Wild4Ogden)

Keep Ogden, Utah's Wild Places Wild (#Wild4Ogden)

9 Simple Things You Can Do to Help

Posted: 05/24/2022

The Ogden area occupies a unique place in the American West. It is the oldest Anglo settlement in the Great Basin, founded by fur trappers as a fort and trading post due to its proximity to mountain streams and abundant wildlife.

The city expanded and the area developed around the more industrial pursuits of passenger and freight rail systems, manufacturing, and strategic defense, but always maintained its significant agricultural roots (pardon the pun) and protected its wild places.

We’re a pretty green community for a blue-collar town, and we encourage visitors to “live like a local” during and after their stay. We take our roles as stewards of this mountain/metro area very seriously, and hope to be an example for other communities around the world in effectively balancing vitality with responsibility and sustainability.

Here’s how you can help:


Our scenic byways traverse the thoroughfares of moose, elk, mule deer, mountain lions, black bears, wild turkeys, and waterfowl. Slow down, particularly during early morning, dusk, and late evening and keep an eye out for wildlife near roadways. 

Never approach or feed any animals. Stay at least 25 yards away from all wildlife. Quadruple that for moose, bears and mountain lions.


Our abundant network of trails has been designed to lessen environmental impact. Obey all posted signs and respect boundaries.


Certain wild places around Ogden experience closures for various reasons throughout the year. Areas may close to protect critical habitat during crucial seasons. Trails may close temporarily for maintenance. Ski area boundaries may require avalanche mitigation work. Do your best to “know before you go,” but also respect unexpected closure areas.


We really shouldn’t have to explain this concept to adults, but here we are. In fact, we’d love it if you adopted the ethic of packing in less in the first place and packing out anything that clearly doesn’t belong, regardless of who packed it in.


Geotagging photos on social media creates surges in human traffic, increasing strain on delicate habitats. If you discover some of our hidden gems, by all means take the photo. But ditch the geotag and leave the sense of discovery for those who come after you.


While many of Ogden’s wild places are on public lands, agency budget and staffing shortfalls create challenges. We have partnered with the Trails Foundation Northern Utah to encourage the donation of time and/or money to support the maintenance and preservation of our wild places. 

To donate to the Weber Sustainability Fund, click here.


Utilize our robust commuter rail service (Frontrunner) to get here. Use our rapid transit bus system (OGX, starting in 2023), and our free downtown trolley to explore from our historic downtown to the Weber State University district in our foothills. Take advantage of the UTA Ski Bus to access our amazing resorts while reducing your carbon footprint.

Trade in four wheels for two. The downtown area features two different electric scooter concessionaires and our Green Bike program is coming online in coming months.

Better yet, simply take advantage of our walkable community and give the car a break.


Leave no trace wherever you go. Shorten your showers. Hang and reuse the towels in your accommodations. We live in a desert. Water is scarce and towels will dry quickly in our arid environment. Recycle wherever you can. Use a refillable water bottle.

bonneville shoreline trail


We hope you’ll apply these #Wild4Ogden principles not only during your visit, but as you leave. The small actions you take make a big difference in preserving wild places around the planet.

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Plan Your Trip

Here in Ogden you can experience 3 ski and summer resorts, combined boasting over 11,600 skiable acres and miles of single track for those who love to mountain bike and hike! We offer a wide range of breathtaking recreation options with everything in easy reach. Whether you settle in at one of our many friendly hotels, out-of-the-way campgrounds or modern meeting and event venues, you will find that Ogden is an ideal travel destination offering one-of-a-kind outdoor recreation and metropolitan delights throughout the year. Wander and get lost in Ogden!

Wander and Get Lost in Ogden!

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