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Sustainable Best Practices

Sustainable Best Practices

Posted: 05/31/2022

Trail Etiquette

Ogden area residents and visitors have been spoiled for many years with an abundance of trails and ease of access to them. For years, these public resources had the feel of a personal, private playground. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a whole new audience to many forms of outdoor recreation and trail use has skyrocketed. Please apply these best practices anytime you venture out on Ogden-area trails:

  1. Stay on existing trails. 
  2. Pack it in. Pack it out.
  3. Proper yielding. Everyone yields to horses and bikers yield to hikers, regardless of direction of travel. Downhill yields to uphill. 
  4. Clean up after your dog. That doesn’t mean bagging it and leaving it near the trail. It means bagging it and removing it to a trash receptacle at a trailhead.
  5. Stay off trails when wet. Respect closures.

    Pineview and Causey Reservoir   

    1. Pack out more than you pack in.
    2. Parking/Road Congestion. Obey all signs restricting roadside parking. Don’t clog the roadways while waiting at the entrances to boat ramps. Instead, spend some time exploring the shops, restaurants, and galleries in nearby Huntsville or Eden.

    Water Conservation

    1. Yellow, let it mellow. Brown, flush it down. Not to be crude, but there's no need to flush several gallons of our precious water for a number one.
    2. Lawns: Brown is the new green. This is primarily for local residents, but may apply to long-term visitors in rental properties. All the cool people in the area have brown lawns during drought conditions.
    3. Shorter/less frequent showers. Ideally, we'd love it if everyone took "Navy showers" during this time of severe drought. At the very least, please forego the overly indulgent long showers. Similarly, take small steps like turning the water off while brushing your teeth and only run the dishwasher with a full load.
    4. Reuse towels and other linens to reduce laundry cycles. Our arid climate will have your bath towel dry and fresh in plenty of time for your next shower.

    Wildfire Prevention

    1. Respect all fire restrictions/warnings. Fire restrictions can vary by municipality and area. Check municipal fire restrictions before burning, and visit the Ogden Ranger District Office for current wildfire danger levels and up-to-date fire restrictions.
    2. Never leave a campfire unattended.
    3. ORV use. Check with Wasatch-Cache National Forest for off-road travel regulations in the area. Some areas may experience temporary closures for logging or wildfire mitigation. Know before you go!
    4. Fireworks. Several areas will likely be under a ban on fireworks. Please check with your municipality for up-to-date fireworks restrictions.

    Community Resources 

    1. Glass Recycling. Glass recycling dumpsters can be found at Ogden High School in the parking lot near the softball field and football stadium at the corner of 30th Street and Harrison Blvd. 
    2. Metal Recycling. Blue residential recycling bins accept aluminum. Bloom Recycling, just west of Roosters B-Street accepts most other metals.
    3. Friends of Pineview. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates regarding Pineview, including clean-up projects.
    4. TFNU Clean-up/Repair Projects. Trails Foundation Northern Utah organizes most trail construction, repair, and clean-up projects. Visit their website and/or social media channels.

    Supporting Local

    1. Farmer’s Market. Ogden's Historic 25th Street hosts Farmers Market Ogden every Saturday from May 28 to September 10 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The market features everything from locally grown produce to local artists and live music.
    2. Local Businesses. This website features the most comprehensive listings of locally owned and operated restaurants, bars, galleries, museums, attractions, and shops for visitors. Supporting our local businesses helps maintain the unique character of our community and we thank you in advance for your support.
    3. Reusable Shopping Bags/Water Bottles. Even if you utilize disposable shopping bags or plastic bottles, please make an effort to ensure they go beyond "single use." Be creative in refilling and repurposing all single-use plastics.
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