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Exploring Ogden’s Public Murals

Exploring Ogden’s Public Murals

Ogden, Utah’s art scene has grown exponentially over the past decade, and nowhere is it more visible than in the city’s vibrant public murals.

Posted: 07/17/2023

Like any community of its size, Ogden, Utah, has always been home to dozens of artists as it has supported local galleries and venues, and fostered an arts and culture scene for the benefit of its residents. However, over the last decade, investment in the arts has become a key part of the city’s overall, long-term strategic plan. 

The establishment of the Nine Rails Creative District, the development of The Monarch and Dumke Arts Plaza, the creation of Ogden Contemporary Arts, and the phenomenal growth and popularity of the Ogden Twilight concert series are just a few examples of Ogden’s recent explosion within the arts and culture world of the western U.S.

While you’ll have to check our events calendar to see specific dates of some of Ogden’s First Friday Art Strolls, open gallery nights at The Monarch, concerts at the amphitheater, or performances at the historic Peery’s Egyptian Theater, you can get a vibrant taste of Ogden’s art scene any day of the year with an exploration of its ever-growing collection of public murals. Here’s a rundown.

Start your mural stroll at the corner of 22nd Street and Grant Ave. and head south.

Ogden’s most ambitious mural installation is a collection of works by renowned Puerto Rican artist, Don Rimx. The colorful series of five massive murals extends along the Grant Avenue Promenade between 22nd Street and 24th Street. Each is painted on a west-facing section of the free public parking garage west of The Junction.

For a short time, you’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of the Wall Climber mural on the corner of 23rd Street and Grant Ave. This mural was recently decommissioned by the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee and is slated for replacement, so see this one while you can.

At 24th and Grant, you’ll spy the Pioneer Days Rodeo mural on the side of Union Grill. This massive piece by artist Kelly D. Donovan commemorates one of Ogden’s annual signature events and has been in place since 2003.

A few steps further south will put you at Origin-Alley, between Wasatch Roasting Company and Xalisco. This eclectic, ever-changing alley features work by some of Ogden’s top muralists including Rich Ramos, Nezak, Jaroh, and Mr. Shmo. The south side of Wasatch Roasting also features a Rich Ramos mural.

Heading west down Historic 25th Street from Grant Ave., you’ll spot the Get Out and Live mural on the east side of Roosters Brewing Company.

Heading east up 25th will land you in the Nine Rails Creative District and the home of many of Ogden’s most iconic murals. On the way, you’ll pass the “You Belong” mural on the south side of the Marketstar parking garage. This mural was commissioned by Ogden Downtown Alliance and painted by local artist, Cole Eisenhour in 2021. 

A bit further east, and hidden behind the GOAL Foundation, Imagine Ballet, and LIT Arcade Bar, you’ll find the Seasons mural by local muralist, Sherry Ferrin. This mural was installed in. 2018 with volunteer help from Weber State University, Ogden City, and Imagine Ballet Theater School.

The Monarch in Moda mural by renowned artist, Jane Kim, has become the de facto anchor of Ogden’s vibrant art scene. This stunning mural was inspired by the 1960s Op-Art movement, and explores the graphic patterns of monarch butterflies and is the namesake of the 60,000-square-foot maker's space it surrounds.

The piece is part of the Migrating Mural collection by Jane Kim that highlights the migration route of the iconic and endangered Monarch butterfly and companion pieces can be found in Boston, Orlando, San Francisco and Springdale, Arkansas.

"Monarch In Moda" mural dedication from Ogden Contemporary Arts on Vimeo.

Ogden’s newest mural adorns the alleyway/courtyard area along the east wall of The Monarch. Albuquerque artist, Eric J. Garcia sought community input to drive the conception of the mural over the course of several weeks. Additionally, community volunteers helped with the painting through an unseasonably cold and snowy Spring in Ogden.

Eric uses history and a graphic style to create political art that confronts our understanding of the present. His vibrant mural at The Monarch is likely to provoke long-overdue conversations about the cultural and ecological importance of the nearby Great Salt Lake.

You can learn more about Eric’s experience as an Ogden Contemporary Arts Artist-in-Residence by checking out the podcast he recorded with The Banyan Collective during his residency. Click here to listen!

The wall to the east of The Monarch features three murals including “Grow Where You Are” by Emily Munk, “Bees” by Jessica Ritter, and “Electric West” by Lindsay Huss. Lindsay’s work can also be seen by the Daily Rise location on Washington Blvd. as well as the Ogden Bicycle Collective at 28th and Fowler.

Across the street from The Monarch at OCA’s “Platforms,” you'll see Rachel Pohl’s large mural celebrating the history, culture and geography of the community.

Dozens of other murals are waiting to be discovered as you explore the Ogden area including some incredible barn murals up in Ogden Valley.

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