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Cool Down in Ogden!

Cool Down in Ogden!

Here is the scoop on the hottest spots to get your cool sweet-tooth fix this summer while visiting Ogden.

Posted: 06/01/2023

For the kind of weather that makes you want to stroll down the Ogden River Parkway in your flip-flops and sunglasses licking an ice cream cone.

Farr Better Ice Cream

274 East 21st Street, 21st St, Ogden, UT 84401

Take a step back in time to 1929 at one of the oldest continually operating ice cream shops in America when you go to Farr’s.  This popular family-friendly fudge and ice cream shop keeps more than 600 different ice cream recipes under lock and key, and has at least 75 different flavors in stock at all times.  

Bow Tie Creamery

1479 East 5600 South #B102 South Ogden, Utah 84401

Bow Tie Creamery is an Ogden local, small batch, ice cream shop. A family owned business that is determined in their quest to find creamy perfection with seasonal flavors and a simple yet perfected recipe, this is the perfect place to beat the afternoon heat.

La Crepe & Ordinary

2401 Kiesel Avenue, Ogden, Utah 84401

Serving sweet, savory and even crepes topped with decadent desserts, La Crepe & Ordinary also offer the first and best Freakshakes across all of Utah. Try their new French Toast Crepe for a delicious dessert all day or the Cookie Dough Shake to cool down. The options and combinations are endless and sure to satisfy.

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

329 24th St, Ogden, UT 84401

Menchie's focuses on quality, variety, and innovation to offer you the best-in-class frozen yogurt with limited time flavors available in store every month. Each month features fun and exciting frozen yogurt flavors so there is always something new to try and with fewer calories than ice cream it's even more fun to catch a brain freeze! Menchie's also offers custom frozen yogurt cakes to order.

Pearl Milk Tea Club

110 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401

Featuring Boba Smoothies, Pearl Milk Tea & Coffee this local shop on 25th street is the perfect stop for a unique and delicious treat. 

Gandy Dancer

3920 Washington Boulevard Ogden, UT 84403

With live music from 6-8pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this is Ogden's gathering place. Featuring ice cream, fudge, hot dogs, soup, and an eclectic inside this is a great place for anyone. 

Cannery Creamery

2003 N. Washington Blvd North Ogden, UT 84414

By making every single batch of ice cream in the shop with a base that comes from a local dairy farm, we can attest it's undeniably delicious (It's 16% butterfat for all you ice cream connoisseurs). They use all natural flavoring and coloring in their products and offer dairy free, vegan, and low carb/low sugar options as well, so everyone in your group can in come and find something they enjoy.

Kirt's Drive-In

1974 N 400 E North Ogden, UT 84414

Take a trip back in time with this Drive-in featuring a family-oriented atmosphere, friendly service, and quality food. This will satisfy the sweet tooth, any hunger, and all your retro needs. 

Nils Swedish Creamery

1812 N 2000 W STE 2, Farr West, UT 84404

A family owned business specializing in high quality ice cream, Nils Swedish Creamery uses only the best ingredients and makes each batch by hand. They (and we!) love all things Ice Cream and Swedish, making this a great place to check out this summer!

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