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5 Ways to give back to Mother Nature this Earth Day in Ogden

Earth Day is April 22!

Posted: 04/20/2021

Celebrate at the Ogden Nature Center

The Ogden Nature Center has the biggest Earth Day Celebration in town. This year Earth day has given way to Earth Month at the Ogden Nature Center.  Learn what you can do to preserve and protect nature, how to use natural resources, how to set up compost and discover Utah’s natural habitat. There will be poetry readings, bird and butterfly watching, a backyard chicken exhibit, green gurus, environmental experts, arts and crafts! Not to mention you can do some of the activities over zoom! Learn more at

Adopt a River or Park

Adopt a section of the Ogden River or an Ogden park through Ogden City's Adopt a River and Adopt a Park Program! These programs are designed to keep the river clean and healthy year round, and parks beautiful and save to use. Earth Day is a perfect time to grab a few friends or coworkers and sign up! This is the gift that keeps on giving, so heads up this a commitment of 5 years for a section of the river and 2 years for a park. Find out more at Adopt a River | Ogden, UT ( and Adopt a Park | Ogden, UT (

Donate to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Although The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah will not be having their annual wildlife baby shower, they can still use your support in their amazing work. Feel free to drop off donations and help them continue to rescue and rehabilitate Utah animals. For more information go to or call 801-814-7888.

Pack it in Pack it out 

We have an abundance of trails and outdoor recreation in the Ogden Area, and leaving your picnic in the middle of a trail is a big no-no. If you pack in goodies, make sure that you pack out the empty containers.  Because not everyone is aware of this rule, I like to hike with an extra bag to pick up any clutter I do stumble across on the trail. It’s a green habit to pick up and Mother Nature will thank you for it by giving you some good karma.


Are you ready to start your volunteer adventure? Volunteer options range from a couple hours to ongoing opportunities. You can become a weed warrior, adopt-a-river, adopt-a-park, spend a day cleaning the trials, come to one of the many organized cleanup days or volunteer with different foundations and non-profits.  To find out how you can help go to or call 801-629-8214.

And last but not least, be part of #Wild4Ogden, our part in the Pledge for the Wild campaign. We are excited to have joined other outdoor recreation and wilderness communities to promote responsible tourism and build awareness around opportunities to give back to the wild places in our iconic mountain town. Whether a traveler or a local, there is always ways to give back and assist those organizations that help take care of these amazing places. Learn how to buy special edition outdoor recreation posters and learn more about #Wild4Ogden at

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