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25 Things to do on Historic 25th Street

Can you do it all in one day?

Posted: 10/20/2023

Whenever I go to a new city the first thing that I want to know is where do the locals go? Here in Ogden it's Historic 25th Street

If you visit you might hear the locals refer to this street as 25th street, two-bit street, H25 (pronounced H two-five) or downtown. Once notoriously known for brothels, opium dens, gambling and boot legging; today the street is a mecca for art collectors, foodies, shoppers, nightlife and entertainment. 

Here are 25 things to do on 25th street. Do you think you could do them all in one day? 

1. Take a stroll through the Municipal Gardens
2. Explore the art
3. Indulge in breakfast, lunch and dinner
4. Explore Ogden's notorious history with a walking/tasting tour of our independent restaurant scene
5. Watch dozens of artists at work in their studios at The Monarch
6. Head to the Ogden Amphitheater for concerts, movies and more
7. Shop for unique gifts and souvenirs
8. Refresh your wardrobe with a vintage look
9. Take a coffee break
10. Admire the murals

11. Wander through art galleries
12. Stay up late while enjoying our bars and nightlife
13. Curve your craving and taste some chocolate at The Queen Bee
14. Pizza by the slice at Lucky Slice Pizza
15. See the entire block from the rooftop bar at Alleged
16. Live music on the streets and in the restaurants and bars
17. Find dozens of the painted horses
18. Relax at the spa
19. Stroll through the Historic Union Station
20. Grab a fresh loaf of bread
21. Make room for some laughs at Wiseguy’s Comedy Club
22. Stay the night at the Peery Loft
23. Buy natural products at Beehive Naturals
24. Explore the Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum
25. Learn about our history, keep your eye out for plaques and sculptures

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