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Life in Ogden

Ogden is a city with a unique identity and all the benefits of urban life. Downtown Ogden is set apart from other communities in the area by its walkability, distinctive architecture, and great variety of dining, shopping, nightlife, and events. More residents are choosing to live downtown, with exciting new housing options that include townhomes, live/work units, and apartments. Whether you want to visit the farmers market, grab a drink after work, or entertain in your downtown loft, you can do it in Ogden. 

Ogden is known for its incredible access to outdoor recreation - right in our backyard. An extensive trail system on the East Bench is ten minutes from downtown, perfect for before or after work outings. Thirty minutes from town is Ogden Valley, which offers additional recreation opportunities: world-class ski resorts, Pineview Reservoir, and hiking, biking, climbing, and fishing. Recreation within Ogden city limits includes a paved trail along the scenic Ogden River, the Ogden Nature Center, a kayak park, golf courses, and beautiful city parks.

"Ogden is the best place in Utah, probably the USA, most likely the world." Colt Jarvis
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