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Sporting Events

Where Championships (and Memories) Are Made

Ogden, Utah’s unique blend of rugged terrain, breathtaking scenery and gorgeous weather quench many a competitor’s thirst for adventure and competition.

Our sports scene includes a variety of events and activities for athletes of all levels. The city is home to the Weber State University Wildcats, including its abundant amenities and facilities for NCAA Division I athletics. Additionally, Ogden hosts a number of sporting events throughout the year ranging from regional tournaments to national championships. While Ogden’s fields, arenas, courts, tracks, and courses are on par with other destinations, the stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality of its residents are what turn athletic events in Ogden into lasting memories.

Ogden offers hundreds of miles of maintained trails, a vibrant downtown for participants and spectators, a local volunteer organization and a community ready to rally.

We are the proud hosts of:

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