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Ogden's Local Music Scene

Ogden's Local Music Scene

As a local banker for a large Utah-based regional bank you probably wonder what I am doing writing about the music scene in Ogden, UT.

Posted: 03/26/2018

Well, I am also a local musician in a band called “Red Shot Pony”.  I have been playing drums off and on and in different bands since I was 18. I am now – well let’s say I’m a little older than that now.

When I played in my first band, I lived in Pennsylvania. I then moved to Arizona to be in the my second band called “1107” which opened for “The Delmontes” which later became none other than the “Gin Blossoms.” It was good times but a rough live music city – not a lot of opportunities to play gigs. We played a lot in our rented house jamming to wee hours of the morning.  I then through many years away from drumming decided to move to Utah with my then 5-year-old son to start over again.

It was my girlfriend at the time, and eventual wife, that encouraged me to buy a drum kit I saw in a music store. It was the only one on the floor, but it was my favorite kit brand, Tama, so I couldn’t resist. Thanks to that purchase, and then eventual upgrades, I now own my dream kit. I get to be a banker by day and rock star by night (well almost). It is a great life to be able to support my family with a day job that I love and also be able to work a couple weekends a month doing what I love to do away from my desk - playing music.

Ogden and Utah in general has a great live music scene that embraces all genres of music from DJ’s to bands of all types, and a great market for soloists and duets.  I love that one weekend I might squeeze myself behind my kit in a 50-person venue and then the next climbing up on a big stage to play for hundreds.  We appeal to the crowds with our variety – we literally play everything – from Johnny Cash to AC/DC and Blondie to Bruno Mars – then we can go country with Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban or Lady Antebellum.  And the beauty of Ogden is, it embraces all these types of music.

What I notice and appreciate is the ability for original artists to thrive in Ogden. Cover bands do well and of course so do DJ’s – but the Danny Weldons, the Barbalootz Suitz, the Jonali Sorensens, the Brett Turners, Shane Osguthorpes and D. Scott Williams of our small town thrive as well.  I would put them up against anyone; they rock. They play their hearts out and do it alone or with one or at most two other people – that is quite vulnerable and people embrace them. Thereby giving them release for their pent up talent that begs and needs to be shared with the masses.

As a collective musical assemblage, I know we all appreciate Ogden clubs like: The Ironhorse, Brewski’s, The Lighthouse Lounge, The Kokomo, Slackwater Pub and Pizza, Rovali’s Ristorante Italiano, The Outlaw and many more.  We also appreciate associations and events that support and book live entertainment for their events like: The Rotary Club of Ogden, Grassroots Outdoor, Eccles Conference Center, Harvest MoonFarmers Market, Pioneer Days and the Ogden Amphitheater and many more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us for letting us do what we love to do and express our art form to you all.

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Scott Sluis

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