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Ogden's Best Bets for Breakfast & Brunch

Ogden's Best Bets for Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast. It’s universally agreed that it’s “the most important meal of the day.” However, few other meals have such a disparity in how people approach it.

Posted: 12/21/2023

For some, it’s coffee and a muffin on the run. For others, it’s a feast of potatoes, pork, bread and eggs. Some take it a step further and smother it all in gravy or syrup. On weekends, a lot of folks combine breakfast and lunch together and toss in everything from artisan French toast to smoked salmon and wash it down with bloody marys or mimosas…the American brunch. 

However you choose to start your day, there’s a place in Ogden for you.


Whether you’re recovering from a night on the town, or fueling up to take on Ogden’s abundant outdoor recreation later in the day, sometimes you just need a big breakfast. Here are our top spots for that morning gut-bomb.


The breadth of Jeremiah’s breakfast menu is almost as wide as their pancakes…they are literally bigger than the giant plate they’re served on. Jeremiah’s menu ranges from oatmeal and a small bowl or fruit to plates of bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits & gravy, and pancakes so large that a lumberjack would tap out.

Criddle’s Cafe

You’re probably going to wait for a table at Criddle’s. Let’s just get that out of the way from the start. Even before pandemic-related labor shortages plagued the restaurant and service industries, you’d wait for a table at Criddle’s. Perhaps there’s something magical about the way they hand-form their sausage patties. Maybe there’s a special recipe for their syrup. Whatever it is, locals have always lined up out the door to start their day at Criddle’s.

No-Frills Diner

This low-key, retro diner was pretty much a locals-only spot when it was on the north end of town, and it had a religious local following. The pandemic presented owner, Ron Yates, with the opportunity to relocate No-Frills Diner to the heart of Historic 25th Street. It’s strictly a breakfast/lunch spot closing at 3:00 p.m….so you can wash that last bite of hash browns down with a bit of red wine. 

Pig & a Jelly Jar

Make someone at the table order the ham hash at Pig. You can thank them afterwards. Someone else should order the green eggs and ham, and everyone should get at least one PBR “beer-mosa.”

Garden Grill at HGI

Guests at the Hilton Garden Inn at 23rd & Washington Blvd. have had one up on the locals for a while. You see, what most locals don’t realize is that the Garden Grill at the hotel is a full-service breakfast restaurant…not simply the continental breakfast offered to guests by most hotels. Truth is, whether you’re a guest of the HGI or not, you can enjoy one of the best breakfasts in town.



You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate lots of healthy, organic veggies as a local food option. Some may miss the cream in their coffee, but give Cuppa a chance and you may find that with their 10+ fancy nut and oat milk options, you hardly miss the cow.

Lotus Cafe, Yoga Studio & Shop

Lotus Cafe offers a wide variety of natural foods, with a clean eating focus. Relax and recharge while enjoying a freshly prepared drink, meal, raw chocolate or baked good from the display case. Vegan, vegetarian, Meat & gluten-free options.

Daily Rise

Every visit to Ogden should include a stop at Daily Rise. Aside from the best caffeinated beverages in town, they can jump-start your day with a sweet or savory crêpe, breakfast burrito or avocado toast…plus, you simply can’t interact with anyone at any Daily Rise without smiling.

Kaffe Mercantile

Hot tip: Tucked away in an east-bench neighborhood, and simply referred to as “The Merc,” you’ll find the spot where a pile of locals start their day. You want to “live like a local?” This is the place to do it.

Farmers Market Ogden

If you’re in town on any Saturday between late May and mid-September, your morning should be spent on Historic 25th Street at the Farmers Market. Ogden’s best coffee shops are pouring, its best musicians are playing, its most seasonal produce is on display, and dozens of food artisans are offering up local grub.

Grounds for Coffee

With three locations in Ogden, and 11 throughout the state, “Grounds” as it is referred to by locals, is another community gathering place. They are also huge supporters of some of our most important local organizations. Expect a true “neighborhood coffee shop” experience.

Peddler's Cafe 

As a local café and catering company in the Eden, they care about the people they serve and their events. Peddlers serves clean food that is always homemade and made with the highest quality of ingredients. Want a light and fresh breakfast located in the valley? This is the place for you. Don't Know what to order? Check out the Coconut Thai Tea.


Brunch is a whole other thing. People have opinions about brunch. Locals chirp at each other about why their favorite brunch spot is the best brunch spot. Ogden has several approaches to brunch for your consideration.


If French Toast is your jam, UTOG is your Sunday brunch spot. It’s a different, gourmet take on French Toast every Sunday. If you require a savory brunch, loosen your belt and order the Bubba. Invite friends along to help you finish it.

Harp & Hound

If you’re in a group that needs to satisfy a range from vegan to carnivore, Harp & Hound is your place. Vegans say it’s the best menu in town…and meat-eaters never seem to complain when they come along for the ride.

Lighthouse Lounge

The Lighthouse is Ogden’s best “Bar Brunch.” Good, solid eggs, bacon, ‘taters and such. Try the fried-egg BLT. You won’t be sad. Legendary bloody mary bar and live, acoustic music. It’s the kind of place where Kris Kristofferson was probably sitting when he wrote “Sunday Morning Coming Down.”

Sonora Grill

Give your brunch a little kick at Sonora Grill. From burritos and bloody Marys to scrambles and mimosas…and finish it off with some sopapillas.

If you’ve read this far, you clearly take your morning meal seriously. As your reward, here’s the best kept secret for breakfast lovers in Ogden: Rosa’s Cafe. Can’t tell you what to order. Every single thing on the menu is fantastic. Can’t tell you where it’s located. It’s worth the search. Enjoy the sense of discovery. Get in. Get out. And don't tell anyone we sent you. Play it cool. This is the place you're looking for.

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