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Ogden Architecture: Where Art Deco Comes to Life

Ogden Architecture: Where Art Deco Comes to Life

Posted: 07/28/2023

Some of Ogden's streets are like stepping in a time machine because of their architecture; which is preserved and celebrated as a unique and vital part of the city. 

Most of Ogden's architectural treasures were designed and built in the 1920s and 1930s. Whether exploring for a day, a long weekend, or making Ogden a permanent home-base, taking time to explore the unique buildings peppered throughout the city is a great way to spend time. 

Below are some must-sees: 

Ogden Municipal Building

Opened in 1938, the building currently houses city offices, the city council and other Ogden-related services. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. 

Forestry Building

Built in 1933, the Forest Service Building used Works Progress Administration money, a project created to create growth during the Great Depression. The details in the building are intricate and varied, with each brick laid done so with a sleek and elegant design in mind. 

Ogden High School

Ogden High School is an architectural gem. A true Art Deco masterpiece, it sits at the top of a hill along Harrison Blvd, overlooking the rest of the city. With marble walls and an lavishly designed theater, it's worth driving or walking by and marveling at. 

Eccles Community Art Center

A historic Victorian mansion, built in 1893, the Eccles Mansion was the home of a prominent Utah family. It was turned into a cultural center in 1959. Its spires and many rooms make it a marvel, and was surely quite the home to raise a family in. 

Peery's Egyptian Theater

One of the few remaining "Movie Palaces" in the United States. This Egyptian-designed Theater still hosts a variety of movies and performances throughout the year. Inside the Egyptian, the ceiling has twinkling lights that look like a starry night sky. 

Union Station

Ogden's Union Station is a monument the City's railroading history. Built in Spanish architectural style, this is the second iteration of Union Station, as the first burned down in 1923. It is remarkably preserved today, and hosts art galleries, events and much more. 

Ogden's architectural history can be traced back to a few passionate and dedicated people who lived in the city during a critical period in its history. 

Leslie Hodgson, who was born in 1879, studied in Salt Lake City and San Diego, before he came back to his hometown Ogden during the Great Depression. Hodgson was able to leverage government stimulus funds offered through the New Deal to combat the economic downturn.

Hodgson is best remembered for Ogden High School, the City/County Building, and the Egyptian Theater. He was known for his incredible attention to detail, knack for design and artistic thinking and planning. 

Leslie S. Hodgson, courtesy Stewart Library Special Collections, Weber State University

Another prominent architect in the Ogden area was Eber F. Piers, who designed more than 300 buildings in the Ogden area. 

Piers designed buildings of all types from the intricate stone-built El Monte Golf Course clubhouse, to the Wattis, Dumke, and Marriner Eccles homes. 

The E.O. Wattis Home

Ogden is filled with residents who have a passion for preserving its' history and story. As a result, there are tons of resources to dive more into Ogden architecture. Below is a list of places where you can learn more about Ogden's historic buildings and districts: 

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