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Fall into Ogden Art

Fall into Ogden Art

October is a pretty special time in Ogden, It’s also a pretty, special time in Ogden.

Posted: 08/31/2022

The autumn colors that have painted our nearby mountains and canyons begin to flow downhill into the city. Flannel starts to get layered over summer’s T-shirts. Sweaters get dug out of the back of the closet.

Some destinations call it “shoulder season” or “mud season.” Summer crowds have gone back to school. Local skiers and snowboarders are patiently waiting for the first dustings of snow to appear on Mt. Ogden and Ben Lomond.

It’s the best time of year to truly live like a local. Visitation is at its lowest point. There’s more room to roam. In Ogden, it’s a great time to slow down and soak in the best of downtown.

This year, we kick it off the first Friday in October with Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll.

Walk up and down the entirety of 25th Street starting at The Monarch and heading all the way down to Union Station. Mom-and-pop art galleries and retail shops will be open, while the town comes alive with the various restaurants open late for a bite to eat. (This is what we mean by “Notoriously Independent”).

You’re likely to get your new profile pic at some point in the evening.

You’re also going to hear some Ogden-area musicians busking at their typical haunts. You’re going to hear musicians from more distant locations helping to grow the reach of local podcasts like Van Sessions with their eagerness to plug-in to the Ogden vibe. At last check, it was Josaleigh Pollett and Fur Foxen at The Monarch.

While you’re there for Van Sessions and Open Studio night, you can check out the newest installation at Ogden Contemporary Arts or stroll West down Historic 25th Street to the new Dumke Arts Plaza featuring sculpture installations by world renowned sculptor Chakia Booker.

But some of you are going to read this blog after October 1. No worries…there are plenty of other ways to enjoy fall, specifically October in Ogden…or as we call it, “Ogtober.”

The OCA installation is going for a bit, and is worth more than a single look, and various artists at The Monarch are in studio at random times throughout the day, so it’s always worth a visit.

Our new Ogden Arts Pass is now up and running. Here’s how it works: You click here to download the pass. From there, you simply explore our abundant, and ever-growing public art scene…sculptures, murals, etc. There’s no app to download. You simply check-in at selected art installation locations around the community and win cool stuff, including artwork from Ogden-area artists.

Wanna dig a little deeper? Check out the Eccles Community Art Center’s Great Ogden Art Hunt and search for more intimate works of art inside some of Ogden’s smaller galleries.

Looking to join the Ogden art scene? Both the Eccles Community Art Center and the Local Artisan Collective have piles of classes throughout the month.

Looking to get your groove on? Jazz at the Station is back up and running on their typical second-Wednesday schedule and will happen on October 12.

We don’t want to tell you when to start your snow dance, but since it has been a drought year, we don’t think it’s a problem to make it one of those years where the kiddos have to wear their parkas over their Yoda costumes to trick-or-treat. Bring on winter!

Happy fall, y’all.

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