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Get Inspired and Unleash Your Creativity at Green Haus Art Co.

Get Inspired and Unleash Your Creativity at Green Haus Art Co.

Grow Through Art

Posted: 07/28/2023

Green Haus Art Co. is a new art gallery in the heart of Huntsville, Utah that’s bringing creativity, education and community to the area. Green Haus Art Co opened in May of 2023, and is filled with the works of their in-Haus artists. They also offer classes of all types for locals and visitors alike to try their hand at different types of arts and expression. 

The owners of Green Haus Art Co have a unique outlook on their business, they believe that "as humans we are creators, therefore we all have the capability to make art." To help celebrate creators and to allow space for people to make art, Green Haus hopes to share their passion through teaching and telling stories of what inspires them.

Green Haus encourages the community to test their limits, discover new passions, and develop their skills by offering classes that allow adults and children alike to learn from a variety of styles, mediums, and techniques at an affordable price. Their classes range from drawing to printmaking, pottery, oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, sewing, and even silversmith classes so you can make your own jewelry!

Visitors and class attendees should take time to browse the art gallery first, then take that inspiration to unleash their creativity on a canvas afterward. And if you visitors fall in love with one of the pieces in their gallery, they can buy the piece online or in-store. 

Their classes can be found at Green Haus Classes. Here you can find what skill level the class will be taught in, class length, prices, and the materials that will be provided for the class. 

Green Haus also offers Open Studio Days or Drop-In opportunities, and you can also reserve the space for special events. So whether you're spontaneous and looking for last-minute fun or you’re planning a corporate retreat, a date night, or a girls' night out, Green Haus Art Co. offers something for everyone.

To learn more or to submit your art for a contest, follow Green Haus Art Co on Instagram at @greenhaus.artco

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