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One Day in Ogden

Lickety Split!

Utah's oldest city, Ogden, is home to a wild past, adrenaline filled attractions, and breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains. If you are up for an action packed day you can get a taste of what this town is all about!

Stop 1: Hill Aerospace Museum
Airplane and history buffs will love the Hill Aerospace Museum near Hill Air Force Base. The museum features more than 90 military aircraft, missiles and aerospace vehicles from around the world. Knowledgeable volunteers will tell you about the history of flight starting from the beginning and moving through World War II.

Stop 2: Historic Union Station
At one time Ogden was the crossroads of the west, you literally couldn't go anywhere without stopping in Ogden first. The Union Station has 4 museums, the Utah State Railroad Museum, John M. Browning Firearms Museum, Browning Kimball Classic Car Museum, and Utah State Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. There are also two galleries and regular events in the classic train station. This is the heart of Ogden.


Stop 3: iFly Utah Indoor Skydiving
Enjoy the sensation of flight without taking the leap! Whatever your itinerary, you must plan a stop at iFly Utah Indoor Skydiving. Great instructors get you oriented to the unique sensation of indoor skydiving, then set you and your family free to feel the rush in a controlled environment.

Stop 4: Farr Better Ice Cream

Farr’s keeps under lock and key more than 600 different ice cream recipes and stocks at least 75 different flavors at all times. When you step in the doors it's like taking a step back in time to the 1920's, where seafoam green walls and a friendly staff welcome you into the shop.

Stop 5: Scenic Drive Up Ogden Canyon
Head east on 12th street and head up Ogden Canyon. Within 3 miles of downtown, you will find yourself are in complete mountain wilderness with a waterfall welcoming you into its narrow walls. You will drive past a steady river, evergreen trees, a few restaurants, and if you look closely you might even see a moose or a few deer.

Stop 6: Shooting Star Saloon, Ogden Valley
After your scenic drive up Ogden canyon head over to Utah’s oldest continually operating saloon (since 1879). This taxidermy-strewn hole-in-the-wall bar is a local’s favorite. The owners know what they’re good at and they stick to it; the menu consists of burgers with chips and beer, what more do you need! Make sure to order the legendary Star Burger, made from two ground-beef patties, two slices of cheese with a grilled knackwurst Polish sausage in the middle.

Stop 7: Rodeo at the Golden Spike Event Center
You can't come this far west without seeing a buckaroo and a rodeo queen. Head to the Golden Spike Event Center to enjoy rodeos, chariot races, Germanfest, antique auctions, the County Fair and demolition derby’s!