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Day Trips - Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers from around the region keep hearing about Ogden. The area typically hosts at least a couple of races during the high school mountain bike race season, along with the El Doce 12-hour race at Powder Mountain, and the XTERRA Pan-American Championships at Snowbasin, so it’s definitely on the radar for mountain bikers. But with hundreds of miles of trails, where do you start? The two areas that should be on your bucket list are Powder Mountain and Snowbasin. 

While there are dozens of options around Snowbasin, at least once, you’re going to want to park at the Wheeler Creek Trailhead, immediately below Pineview Dam. Ascend the Wheeler Creek Trail to the Art Nord Trailhead. From there, noodle your way up and bag the Sardine Peak Trail (most locals prefer to ride it clockwise). When you complete your descent of Sardine, be sure to hit The Icebox on your way back to the Wheeler Creek Trailhead. When you’re done, you will have hit a good chunk of the XTERRA Pan-Am Championship course.

The abundance of trails around Powder Mountain can be explored once you’ve checked off Paper Airplane and Brim trails. This system of trails at around 9,000-feet of elevation gets you above the summer heat down in the valleys and represents much of the El Doce racecourse.