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Ogden's Top Trails After the Snow Melts

Ogden's Top Trails After the Snow Melts

Posted: 07/06/2018

The combination of mountains, canyons, and streams in the Ogden area makes it a first-rate adventure destination. From high mountain ski resorts to shady creeks, you won't have to drive far to find a trail.

Here are two resources I found helpful when looking for trails in the Ogden area:

Weber Pathways Trail List
Ogden High Adventure Interactive Map
Snowbasin Area

Snowbasin extensive summer trail system is ideal for hikers and mountain bikers. You can bring the whole family to play high above the hot valley. At Snowbasin, you can even ride the lift to begin your hike, a real treat for kid (okay and adults too)!

I’m listing a few hikes below, but their Trail Map has more to choose from.

Mount Ogden Trail via Gondola
As if the ride wasn’t pretty enough, stunning views wait at the top of Snowbaisin’s gondola. From their, hike the Mount Ogden Trail for a laid back 3.1 miles.

Ogden Canyon Overlook
This moderate hike rewards with pretty views. It’s 2.6 miles one way, but you can hike as much or little as you like before turning back.

Wheeler Creek
This is a perfect pick on a hot day. Located in the canyon, it’s suitable for the whole family. It’s shady and includes views and a steam.

Powder Mountain Area

Several trails originate at Powder Mountain, with more mountain biking single track developing every year. Here's the latest info to be had. This map also provides great intel as well. Add the Alpine Ski Area layer to see where Powder Mountain is in relation to the trails. Here are a few more close-by trails:

Geertson and Shupe Canyon Trail
This hike features valley and reservoir views, wildlife, and options for a loop hike by connection to the Middle Fork Trail (below). Closed January 1st – April 15th.

Middle Fork Trail
This trail is 12 miles long, but you can hike as much or little as you like. It’s fairly level, making it a good pick for a relaxing day. Closed January 1st  – April 15th.

Other Trails Near Ogden Ski Resorts

Waterfall Canyon
A popular hike for a reason, it’s dramatic and stunning! This 2.6-mile strenuous hike leads to a 200’ waterfall. Don’t forget your camera!

Cold Water Canyon Trail
This moderate hike is only 2.6 miles yet rewards with pretty views.

North Skyline View
A 22-mile trail full of possibilities. Access Ben Lomond Peak from this trail if you’re up for a workout with a reward.

This is only a sampling of the hiking options available in the Ogden area. Additionally, there are a lot of other outdoor activities such as mountain biking and climbing making it a solid destination for summer adventure. 

Nordic Valley ski resort has some great hiking trails along with a disc golf course

Ogden Area's Mountain Biking Options

Sardine Peak
This lollipop loop near Snowbasin Resort is one of our favorite loops in the state. The loop is just 8 miles of fun filled with all the bells and whistles. You get some reasonable climbing, flowy downhills, shaded forested sections and open ridgeline sections with two views that you won't forget. 

Park at the back end of Snowbasin's Lot 2 at the Maples trailhead. Head north (right) out of the trailhead to start the lollipop loop. You could also head south (left) and just ride through Snowbasin Resort too. OR, Snowbasin Resort has lift served mountain biking. Never a bad way to spend the day and the easiest and quickest route to all-star views. 

Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Ogden 
Utah's past helped sculpt one of Utah's most popular mountain biking trails. Lake Bonneville dried up a long, long time ago (as far back as 32,000 yrs ago) and the old shoreline left behind now serves as a perfectly etched benchmark along the Wasatch mountains. This flat, bench now serves up single track across most of Ogden's east side. Too many trail options here to just pick one, but it's a big network worth checking out.  

Burgers to Fuel your Adventures

Here are a few of our favorite burgers in the Odgen area and also throughout Utah. A couple burgers from the peaks of Snowbasin and the Shooting Star Saloon, one of the oldest bars west of the Mississippi. 

plan YOUR trip

Plan Your Trip

Here in Ogden you can experience 3 ski and summer resorts, combined boasting over 11,600 skiable acres and miles of single track for those who love to mountain bike and hike! We offer a wide range of breathtaking recreation options with everything in easy reach. Whether you settle in at one of our many friendly hotels, out-of-the-way campgrounds or modern meeting and event venues, you will find that Ogden is an ideal travel destination offering one-of-a-kind outdoor recreation and metropolitan delights throughout the year. Wander and get lost in Ogden!

Wander and Get Lost in Ogden!

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