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Last Updated 9/14/20

The 2nd round of the "Shop in Utah" grant has opened.  $24 million in grant money is available for round two.  For more information and to apply, please visit the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development web site.  


A message from the State of Utah regarding Outdoor Recreation

The agencies that manage Utah’s outdoor recreation are committed to keeping parks and areas open while protecting visitors and staff. With warm weather upon us, venturing outdoors is a great way to relieve stress and get fresh air. We encourage Utahns to visit parks and recreation areas that are close to home, or lesser-known hidden gems. Please continue your efforts to practice safe social distancing when recreating outside. For guidelines regarding outdoor recreation please visit or


See the most up to date State of Utah COVID - 19 Business Manual here

See the most up to date State of Utah COVID - 19 School Manual here

For up to date information on the State of Utah regarding COVID - 19 visit



The state maintains a COVID-19 information and resource hub at All the state resources and coronavirus data are included on the site. Also see our Resources and Funding Options site.


In response to the ongoing pandemic, CARES Act resources are now being allocated through Weber County, the cities within the county and through the state of Utah. Please see below for more information regarding the Weber County CARES Grant and the Ogden City Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Business Grant Program.

Weber County CARES Grant

Who Qualifies

  • Profit or Non-Profit Businesses located in Weber County
  • Businesses who experienced loss of revenue due to the public health orders in response to COVID -19
  • Businesses who plan to reopen as of the date of application submittal
  • Businesses who are current on property taxes and with no legal actions against or from the county
  • The business owner is 18 years or older and has a valid employee identification number, or if a sole proprietor, a valid social security number
  • Ogden and Harrisville businesses are not eligible for the Weber County CARES Act Grant. Please see the information below regarding the Ogden City Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Business Grant Program
  • Potential to receive between $2,000 and $35,000 in funds
  • Applications will be available July 6th on the Weber County CARES Grant Program website and Weber County will be accepting rolling applications until the end of the month
  • Businesses will be notified of award the last week of July, and funds will be distributed the first week of August
  • Business Federal Tax Returns
  • Pre-COVID employee count with detailed payrolls from January 2020 through March 2020 
  • Documentation demonstrating revenue losses or COVID related expenditures
  • Valid Employer Identification Number (EIN) and a W-9 form
  • Copy of Driver’s Licenses of all owners
Contact Information  
  • To learn more about the Weber CARES Grant or start the application process, visit our website at 
  • For program information please contact: Holin Wilbanks at 801-513-4203 or

Ogden City Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Business Grant Program

Who Qualifies 

  • Applicants must have a valid Ogden City business license
  • There are four general groups for eligibility of funds: Group One: Locally owned companies or companies with distinct profit-and-loss accountability at the local level; the maximum amount is $200,000

       - Group Two: Any company, regardless of ownership, with employees located in Ogden. Companies do not have localized profit-and-loss accountability, and accounting rolls up to a parent corporation; the maximum amount is $100,000

      - Group Three: sole proprietorships in Ogden; the maximum amount is $50,000

      - Group Four: Retail businesses (including shops, restaurants, bars, etc.) located in the Central Business District making physical modifications to their business to accommodate physical distancing; the maximum amount is $50,000

  • Additional information on the application process and evaluation criteria will be published by July 1, 2020. Ogden City will also publish the grant application form and begin accepting applications by July 1, 2020
  • Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed monthly until funds are exhausted

Additional Information

  • Additional information and grant applications will be published on the Ogden Business website. For questions, please e-mail


Tourism and Hospitality Support Comes from the Governor and Legislature Amidst COVID Uncertainty.

In a Special Legislative session June 18, 2020, the Legislature and Governor prioritized tourism support.  Budget cuts were at one point projected to be devastating, but the Governor and legislative leadership funded tourism marketing and stimulus with $23.4 million.

The COVID pandemic has caused major tax revenue decline in Utah.  The legislature had to cut $850 million from their previously approved $20 billion budget.  Gratefully, Utah is a fiscally well managed state. They have saved for a rainy day such as this.  And, they have kept Utah’s bonding debt low.  However, major state budget cuts were still necessary to balance the FY21 Utah State budget.  Many state agencies and programs took significant budget reductions.  The legislature needed to use General Fund sales tax revenues to support social services, Medicaid, and other significant state programs. 

The Tourism Marketing Performance Fund was funded last General Legislative session with $24 million.  In recent weeks, legislative leadership needed to use some of that budgeted $24 million for other needs.  At one point the budget spreadsheets had TMPF cut to $0 and then it rose to $11.4 million.  In our discussions with leadership, we made the case to keep strong marketing for the best chance to save our tourism businesses.  The TMPF General Fund portion was cut a little more than 50%, but they funded an additional $12 million in Federal CARES Act stimulus funds.  

Our goal was at least $18 million.  We achieved $23.4 million!!!!  This win shows the confidence leadership has in the tourism industry and the industry’s leadership. 

• $11.4 million TMPF   – Ongoing General Fund – Reflects that the legislature needs General Fund $ for other immediate budget items. (SB5001) A couple of budget adjustments removed close to $600k.

• $12 million Federal CARES Act $ for economic recovery -  GOED/UOT will administer use of the funds. (included in HB 5010 -  further summary found below)  $12 million to be used for:  (“1) state and regional marketing intended to increase tourism to national parks in the state and the surrounding communities; (2) transportation to and within national parks in the state to facilitate visitor access; and (3) other costs intended to stimulate tourism throughout the state.” 
While this does feel especially focused on our national parks, # 3 gives UOT wide flexibility to stimulate tourism throughout the state.
GOED and UOT will be working to get grant applications and programs in place quickly.  We will push out to our industry as soon as they are available.  Grants applications will begin processing on August 5, 2020.

We are also waiting to receive the final guidelines and applications for Weber County’s CARES act grants and will forward that information as soon as it is available.

The Legislature also passed other economic stimulus that can benefit Utah tourism business, if they choose to apply and utilize. HB5010 COVID-19 Economic Recovery Grant Program
COVID-19 Impacted Businesses Grant Program – Establishes a tax-exempt grant program administered by GOED to provide grants to businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19 in an amount equal to or less than the decline in revenue due to COVID-19 between March and June 2020. This grant can be used by businesses to offer a 50% spending incentive to stimulate sales at hotels, restaurants, guides, and outfitters.  Think to buy one get one free or if a customer spends $50 the grant pays for $50 type offers.  The funds will go quickly, so coming up with your unique marketing offer quickly and applying to GOED will be critical. Appropriation: $25M

COVID-19 Cultural Assistance Grant Program – Establishes a tax-exempt grant program administered by the Department of Heritage and Arts in consultation with GOED to provide grants to organizations that provide a cultural, artistic, botanical, recreational, or zoological activity that encourages travel and tourism in the state. Appropriation: $9M

COVID-19 PPE Support Grant Program – Establishes a tax-exempt grant program administered by GOED to provide grants to businesses to improve workplace safety for workers and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic through measures such as PPE purchases, workplace redesigns, signage, and technology solutions that allow for distance working. There may be a chance to use some of this for sanitizing labor costs.  Appropriation: $5

COVID-19 Displaced Worker Grant Program – Provides training for workers displaced due to COVID-19 by creating a program within GOED’s Utah Works and appropriating money to USHE’s Custom Fit program. It also appropriates money to DWS to create a dashboard to identify unemployment and job opening trends to better match workers with job opportunities. Appropriation: $9M

COVID-19 Outreach and Education Program – Creates a public information campaign to encourage healthy activity during the COVID-19 pandemic such as following health guidelines and not forgoing medical care including preventative care, urgent care, and vaccinations. Appropriation: $1M


The Small Business Administration (SBA) has released new guidance on Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness for winter seasonal businesses. Now, seasonal businesses can refer to one of three time periods when determining PPP loan forgiveness:

February 15, 2019 to June 30, 2019 o

January 1, 2020 to February 29, 2020 


A consecutive twelve-week period between May 1, 2019 and September 15, 2019

This recent guidance determination was prompted by a letter to the SBA, signed by 16 ski state governors, with two additional letters coming directly from other ski states. An effort to get this letter to Washington (specifically, to the SBA, the Department of the Treasury and the White House) was spearheaded by Utah Governor Gary Herbert's office. We thank Gov. Herbert for his leadership and effort to help us get this guidance issued.

On Saturday, May 16th Governor Gary Herbert announced the State of Utah would be moving into the Yellow, Low Risk phase of the COVID -19 response plan. Weber County is included in this transition. Guidelines for this phase can be found at

Phase out of Support Ogden Dining

With the help of our community’s restaurants, Visit Ogden was able to create our Support Ogden Dining page. This page provided a one-stop shop for Ogden's curbside and to-go options during Red and Orange levels. 
Please be aware as our state moves to the Yellow Level of its response, we will begin to phase out our temporary Support Ogden Dining page to be fully out of use by the end of May 2020. Users who search this page will be redirected to our general Dining and Nightlife page, where access to your websites and order online capabilities will still be available.


Visit Ogden and Ogden Downtown Alliance partnered with TwoSix Digital to provide our community partners with a three-part social media webinar series. We hope that you are able to use these opportunities to 'Build Back Better'. Find the recordings of the webinars below. 

View the recording of our first webinar, Social Communication Tips During COVID - 19, here.

View the recording of our second webinar, How to Leverage Organic and Paid Promotional Tools, here

View the Recording of our final Webinar, The Dos and Don'ts of Successful Content Marketing Webinar here


Following the lead of state and local officials the Weber-Morgan Health Department announced we will be moving into our "Moderate Risk Phase" of recovery. More details and guidelines can be found on the Weber-Morgan Health Department website.  


Visit Ogden and Ogden Downtown Alliance have partnered with TwoSix Digital to provide our community partners with a three-part social media webinar series. Sessions are scheduled on three consecutive Mondays at 11:00 a.m. MDT beginning on April 20th. The webinars are free, but require registration. registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

View the recording of our first webinar, Social Communication Tips During COVID - 19, here.

View the recording of our second webinar, How to Leverage Organic and Paid Promotional Tools, here

View the Recording of our final Webinar, The Dos and Don'ts of Successful Content Marketing Webinar here


The State of Utah released Utah Leads Together 2.0, its comprehensive task force plan to mitigate the economic consequences of COVID-19. The plan outlines the path to recovery and identifies tools to gauge success in reopening Utah’s economy.  The report and economic playbook include recommendations from dozens of Utah state and industry leaders.

The plan conveys three phases of response: urgent, stabilization, and recovery. These phases help businesses correctly balance the health of employees with planning imperatives necessary for continuing operations. 

Find it here


Gov. Gary Herbert announced that anyone over 18 years old traveling to Utah as their final destination from either through the Salt Lake City International Airport or coming in through Utah’s freeways will have to complete a travel declaration starting Friday.

The declaration will include questions about if they have been tested, had symptoms and where they have recently traveled. Utah Department of Transportation has determined nine different entry point locations on freeways, such as I-15 in Arizona and Idaho.

Drivers will receive a text message through the state emergency system upon entering the state with a link to a declaration form.

Utah health officials are expected to join Gov. Gary Herbert, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and Utah Department of Transportation executive director Carlos Braceras at the Utah Capitol to discuss the current COVID-19 situation in the state, unemployment benefits and steps being taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus through inbound travel.

The event begins at 1:30 PM and will be streamed live here.


Beginning March 31, Utah-based small businesses with 50 or fewer employees impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic may apply for a new bridge loan program offered by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED).

The Utah Leads Together Small Business Bridge Loan program uses approximately $8 million in repurposed state economic development funds. Additionally, the Utah Department of Workforce Services has contributed $500,000 to the program.

Loan amounts range from $5,000 to $20,000 with 0% interest for up to a 60-month period. Loans cannot exceed three months of demonstrated operating expenses. Loan payments are deferred for 12 months, and GOED will use at least 25% of the program funds to support rural Utah businesses.

See full criteria, eligibility and requirements in the link below.

Utah small businesses can apply for the Utah Leads Together Small Business Bridge Loan starting on March 31, 2020.

Learn More


The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act  

The programs and initiatives in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that was just passed by Congress are intended to assist business owners with whatever needs they have right now. When implemented, there will be many new resources available for small businesses, as well as certain nonprofits and other employers. This guide provides information about the major programs and initiatives that will soon be available from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to address these needs, as well as some additional tax provisions that are outside the scope of SBA. 

Access the full Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act HERE.


As you’ve likely heard, the Stimulus Package passed today.$350 Billion has been set aside for businesses with less than 500 employees. Paycheck Protection Program:

Who can get a loan?

Businesses, including self-employed and independent contractors, nonprofits (501 C3), veterans’ organizations (501 C19) and tribal business concerns, with less than 500 employees. 

Where do I apply?

Any federally insured depository (bank or credit union) 

How much can I borrow?

Up to $10 million but not more than 2.5 times average monthly payroll 

How much will be forgiven?

Borrower shall be eligible for loan forgiveness equal to the amount spent by borrower during an 8-week period after the origination date of the loan on payroll costs, interest payment on any mortgage incurred prior to February 15, 2020, payment of rent on any lease in force prior to February 15, 2020 and payment on any utility for which service began before February 15, 2020. The principle balance of the loan will be reduced by an amount equal to all expenses for payroll, utilities, and rent or mortgage interest, during the 8-week period after the loan is granted. Any remaining principle balance will be amortized over a period of up to 10 years. However, the first payment will be deferred for 12 months. 

How much is the interest rate?

Remaining principle balance after loan forgiveness will be charged interest not to exceed 4% but will vary depending on the length of term (up to 10 years). 

What documentation will I need?

The guidelines have not yet been published, but it is clear you will need to establish an average monthly payroll. Otherwise, there is no credit underwriting, so no tax returns, financial statements, credit reports, guarantees, etc. will be required. 

Does a business have to be negatively impacted by the COVID-19 virus in order to get a loan?

You will be required to attest that the COVID-19 virus has negatively impacted your business. 

How long will it take to get approved?

It is anticipated that when the program is fully up and running, loans will be funded the same day the application is completed. 


A small business with fewer that 500 employees and an average monthly payroll of $150,000 applies for a PPP loan with its bank. After attesting that the COVID-19 virus has impacted its business operations, the business receives a loan of $375,000. Over the next 8 weeks it is determined that the business has incurred $350,000 in eligible payroll, rent and utilities expenses. The principle balance of the loan is reduced to $25,000 and amortized over 10 years at an interest rate not to exceed 4%. The first loan payment is due 12 months later. The program prohibits SBA from charging fees to the lender and the borrower.

Unemployment and Stimulus Packages

Unemployment: Increases by $600 per week for 4 months.Stimulus Package: $1,200 per adult/$2,400 couple, plus $500 per child, with a tiered approach for salaries below $75,000 per person/$150,000 household, with decreasing payments for households up to $90,000 per person/$180,000 household.

SBA Disaster Relief LoansThe Stimulus Package or PPP is different from the SBA Disaster Relief Loans. You may apply for one, but not both. The Disaster Relief Loans will be processed by the SBA, while the PPP will be processed by a financial institution.

The World Trade Center has set up a Rapid Response Team with that will help facilitate the demand for the SBA loans.

In addition, the State of Utah will be receiving approximately $1.5B to filter down to counties and municipalities as appropriate. The money must got to off-set COVID costs. The state’s is a great resource for additional information.


Small Business Administration Loans 

The Governor's Office of Economic Development has been working closely with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to secure low-interest loans for small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. All 29 Utah counties are now eligible to apply for low-interest loans through the SBA.  

Apply Here

We just received word from the Utah Office of Tourism that U.S. Travel is advancing a package of industry initiatives through Congress.  


We have heard from many of you and know that the impacts your businesses are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic are severe.

 If inclined to provide your voice to the conversation, we are asking that you place a social media post and/or write a letter to the editor as quickly as possible to document the impacts to your business. It does not need to be comprehensive or poetic, just a snapshot of what you have observed and/or experienced in order to help make the case for a range of congressional interventions to assist our industry. US Travel needs to have these placements by Friday. Please see below for recommendations: 

Congress will be voting on a recovery package this week and hearing from industry is critical so that our policy recommendations are supported.

Write a letter to your editor / post on social!


Be timely! The faster you move, the more likely you will be to get published. US Travel will be bringing letters that are placed in local papers in front of congress. Keep it short. Most LTEs are around 200 words. Mention your reason for writing in the first sentence and limit your LTE to one or two key points.Be punchy. Lots of LTEs are boring. Demonstrate urgency. Be clever. Be real. Tell your story. Personal stories are the best way for the local community to connect with you and your point of view. How has COVID-19 impacted YOU? Your business? Your employees? Know your audience. Who reads this publication? You are speaking to Utahn’s and right now “we are all in this together” Keep it simple. Facts and figures are boring. Your story is more important and a better way to persuade.Call to action. End your LTE with a call to action. You can encourage folks to support your business, call elected officials, etc. Spell check. Get a friend or family member to double check for spelling or grammar mistakes or send to Anna, for suggestions or edits!

Newspaper name: Date: 

Dear Editor: INTRO: These are difficult and surreal days for our community and for the world. Two weeks ago, I was welcoming visitors and locals alike into my business.  

THIS IS: [sad/inspiring/hard/surprising] because ________  

As the [owner, manager, etc.], I have had to ____ 

We are taking the necessary measures to protect the health of our community. I hope that we can find ways to also protect _____ 





SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  With many staying at home now, this is a great opportunity to engage with your social community who are active now more than ever. A great way to do this is by discovering and celebrating the positive and innovative things your community is doing to cope with the situation (i.e. volunteering at medical clinics, checking on elderly neighbors, donating goods/services, etc.). Please use #VisitUtah on Instagram and Twitter when sharing these moments on your social media and we may feature that content on the @VisitUtah accounts.

Ogden City is committed to responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) and its related economic impacts. We have published an overview of business resources related to COVID-19, and will be updating it regularly. Check back frequently for updates.

State of Utah Orders Restaurants, Bars to Suspend Dine-in Services.The Utah Department of Health, in coordination with the Governor’s Office and Utah COVID-19 Community Task Force, issued an order to all restaurants, bars, and food service establishments in the state of Utah to suspend dine-in operations for a period of two weeks beginning Wednesday, March 18, at 11:59 p.m.


See our link at the top of this page or here, to order for curbside pickup from local eateries. 

Governor Gary Herbert has implemented a set of Statewide Measures to Limit Spread of COVID-19. These actions are effective until March 30 and will be revised as the situation requires to keep Utahns safe and healthy.

Small Business UPDATE: The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Upon a request received from a state’s or territory’s Governor, SBA will issue under its own authority, as provided by the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act that was recently signed by the President, an Economic Injury Disaster Loan declaration.

Please know that the first priority of Visit Ogden is the health, safety and well-being of our residents and everyone visiting or attending an event that is held in our community. We are continually engaging with our local health and community leaders to provide the very latest in information to our partners in our area. At our event venues, attractions, and hotels our hospitality partners are taking numerous steps to ensure the cleanliness of their properties. We want to ensure that Ogden will be safe, comfortable and memorable. 

Note: Events in Ogden and throughout Utah are being restricted by the Governor of the State of Utah. 

UPDATE: For the next 15 days, the Weber Center and the facilities listed below will be available by appointment only and closed to the general public beginning today, March 17th at noon. Please call the respective department at the number linked below to set up your appointment. Weber County staff are moving to a work from home or critical crew as set by each of their department heads or elected officials. We will do our part to make sure we are facilitating appointments as quickly as possible to maintain a high customer service-oriented approach. Each of our departments remains absolutely committed to facilitating the role of government as seamlessly as possible to support our residents and businesses. Blog post here

Facilities Available by Appointment Only, Closed to the General Public:· Weber Center· All Weber County libraries· Peery's Egyptian Theater· Golden Spike Event Center· The Weber County Shooting Complex· Fort Buenaventura· Weber County Ice Sheet· North Fork Park· David Eccles Conference Center· Observatory Park· Weber Memorial Park

Excluded from this list are the Weber County Sheriff's Office and the Weber County Animal Shelter. Please refer to their social media pages for the most up to date policy information. The Weber County transfer station will also remain open to the public.

All public meetings of the Commission will be broadcast via YouTube and Facebook. We encourage you to participate online as we will be monitoring your comments there.We take very seriously our role in weathering this unique situation together. We are working diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for long-term economic stability and the health of our community.


Powder Mountain has officially ceased all operations for the 2019/2020 season. Guests who have pre-purchased tickets will be eligible for a credit to a gift card plus 15% bonus value added to the value of their original reservation. Gift Cards and the bonus value do not expire and can be used for any purchase at Powder Mountain in the future. Please contact to receive your gift card and bonus cash.

Guests who have rented equipment through the Powder Mountain Sports Shop are asked to return gear tomorrow. The shop will be open from 9AM to 3PM to process returns.

Powder Mountain will be closed for uphill travel in the near term. We will evaluate uphill travel options over the coming days.


Ogden City Suspends Rec Program and use of Specific Centers. Read full post here.


Please see a Coronavirus letter to the Community from the Mayor and City Council here

To assist with travel decisions, like everyone else, we are working to share resources through the CDCWHO and state agencies to ensure everyone has the most timely and accurate information possible.

Our focus is on the health and safety of our communities, visitors and friends in Utah and around the world that are managing this issue. While we are all disappointed in the numerous events that have been put on hold or cancelled, taking quick action to avoid creating a greater problem will help us in the long run.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued no warning or restrictions on travel anywhere in the U.S. and the health risk to the general public remains low according to the Utah Department of Health. 

We are fortunate to have numerous wide-open spaces in our backyard. We encourage visitors and locals to not only responsibly enjoy these spaces, but also to patronize and support our local businesses. Those who are not exhibiting symptoms or are not members of at risk populations are encouraged to continue to go out into the community and patronize local business, restaurants and attractions. 

Our hotel rooms and attractions are clean, restaurants are ready to serve. 

  • Go out! If not exhibiting symptoms or you do not fall within an at risk population it is essential that we continue our lives and support of our community.
  • Wash your hands and keep good hygiene practices.
  • Encourage others to go out if safe to do so.
  • Encourage others to wash hands and keep good hygiene practices.
  • Trust in our community leaders and follow guidelines.
  • Check in on those most at risk, offer help if needed.

Visit Ogden is proud to promote a message of unity and community support during this uncertain time. We remain notoriously independent but fiercely united. 


Sara Toliver                                                                                                                                           President/CEO 


Visit Ogden is here to support our community and our travelers. To assist with travel decisions we are working to share resources to ensure you have the most timely and accurate information possible. 

Please be advised that Utah's public health agencies and the Utah Office of Tourism are closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Right now our focus is on the health and safety of our communities, visitors and friends in Utah around the world that are managing this issue.


While industry experts stress the appeal of outdoor spaces, safety and health and wellness to visitors, ultimately, it is your personal decision whether or not to travel.

A coalition of 150 travel-related organizations issued the following statement on the latest developments around coronavirus. "For the travel and hospitality industry, the safety of the traveling public, our guests and our employees is of the utmost importance. We are in daily contact with public health authorities and are acting on the most up-to-date information on the evolving coronavirus situation. Read the joint message here. 

  • There are no current travel restrictions or advisories for Utah or for the U.S. We are monitoring consumer travel concerns that could influence visitation.
  • Industry experts stress the appeal of outdoor spaces, safety and health and wellness for visitors. We aim to keep our potential visitors optimistic and inspired about transformational and responsible travel to Ogden. 
  • The Utah Department of Health has stated that even though this is a worrisome public health situation, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 to the general public is believed to be low and travelers should follow reputable health organizations and quality news outlets for the best information.
  • As stated there are no current travel restrictions or advisories for Utah or for the U.S., but U.S. Travel reminds travelers to always exercise healthy travel habits and to follow the CDC's official guidance and travel health notices.



  • Wash Hands Often
  • Cough into your elbow and sneeze into a tissue
  • Consult with a doctor before traveling when sick
  • Stay up-to-date on vaccinations
  • Avoid contact with people who are already sick
  • Avoid contact with animals while traveling
  • Be aware of the latest travel advisories from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. State Department


Condé Nast Traveler emphasizes the need to travel smart. There is plenty of uncertainty regarding COVID-19, amplifying the need "traveling consciously, with awareness and respect for the place you're visiting." Conde Nast also recognizes the hard work of the travel industry to unite around our common goals and interest to ensure travel is as safe and accessible as possible.