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Exploring Ogden's History

Any historical exploration of Ogden needs to begin at Union Station at 25th Street and Wall Ave. The building itself is one of the most significant historical icons in a city full of them. It also houses four museums: the Utah State Railroad Museum, the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, the Browning–Kimball Classic Car Museum, and the Utah Cowboy Western Heritage Museum.

From Union Station, a stroll up Historic 25th Street takes you past dozens of historic buildings, each featuring plaques detailing the location’s story. When you hit Washington Blvd., you’ll be at one of Utah’s three original “Grand Hotels,” The Bigelow. Half a block north, you’ll find Peery’s Egyptian Theater, one of America’s few remaining original Egyptian Theaters built in 1924. Or keep walking east to the Jefferson Historic District and the Eccles Historic District. Here, you’ll find stunning examples of period architecture on homes once belonging to the families that built Ogden, the railroad, and the nation.

If you want to step even further back in time, head west, across the Weber River to Fort Buenaventura. This designated county park honors the first European settlement in the region with a replica of the original trapper’s fort that once stood at this location.

Another must-see historic spot is up scenic Ogden Canyon in Huntsville. The Shooting Star Saloon is the oldest continuously operating saloon west of the Mississippi River. It even continued operation during Prohibition thanks to a network of informants who kept an eye on the canyon and warned the proprietors and customers of any approaching law enforcement coming up from Ogden.

Any exploration of Ogden’s history will keep you in the heart of some of our best eateries and pubs, so you’ll easily stay fueled throughout your adventure.