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The Top Instagram Photo Ops in Ogden

Say cheese!

These are a few places you won't want to miss snapping a photo or two. Don't miss these top 8 Instagram photo ops. Get ready to feast your eyes on some of the coolest, most photogenic corners in and around Ogden!

1. The Perfect Sunset

sunset downtown

The perfect sunset is easy to find in Ogden. Head downtown to Alleged to capture the sunsetting behind Historic 25th Street. Or head up to the 22nd street trail head 5 minutes up the road and take a quick hike to capture the moment. 

2. Head West

Northwest of Ogden near the Golden Spike Event Center you will find old abandoned railroad cars that once were the heart and soul of Ogden. Keep heading West and you will run into the marshland where you can take photos of birds, wildlife, and will get a panoramic view of the Wasatch Mountains.

3. Union Station

Ogden's Union Station is a monument to our City's railroading history. It is a symbol of the cultural and economic changes brought to the West by the completion of the transcontinental railroad. Though it is no longer a train depot, the Station continues to attract people from all over the world.

4. Ogden Arch

No better way to say you were in Ogden then to capture a shot of this arch! Located on 19th and Washington Blvd you can get the perfect image driving under it or from the Ogden River Pathway.

5. Mt. Ben Lomond

ogden arch sign

It's hard not to get an image without Mt. Ben Lomond in the background. Fun Fact: Mt. Ben Lomond was the mountain that inspired the original Paramount Pictures Logo.

6. Red, White & Blue

In the upper Ogden Valley you will find some incredible old barns. This American Flag barn is a field away from the Statue of Liberty Barn. There are also dozens of old rustic barns that can be found in the valley. This barn is located near 540 Utah 39 (rough coordinates)

7. Trail To Pioneer Days

downtown district

“Trail to Pioneer Days” is an art extravaganza that features lifesize fiberglass horses. On display only during the summer, these horses are great to take selfies with.

8. Ogden Botanical Gardens

Head down to the Ogden Botanical Gardens to capture every season surrounded by pines, fruit trees, roses, arches, and the river nearby.