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Disconnect to Reconnect at Snowberry Inn Bed & Breakfast


Connection is the main component for full on health ! Come learn how to reconnect with your body to increase vitality and lower chronic disease at Snowberry In Bed & Breakfast.

Do you often feel that you could use an energy boost? Or suffer from brain fog, insomnia, chronic pain, bloating, muscle weakness, headaches? Most people that I come in contact with have similar complaints. And I often find that people believe this to be normal!!

That it is not the normal.

Come learn meditation, breathing exercises, and gentle qigong movement to help increase your bodies healing capabilities. Learn how energy work and chronic disease are related from an expert in the field.

Tickets are $900 and include:

- tai chi

- breath work and meditation daily

- organic, gluten free, and vegetarian meals

- guest speakers

- a Celtic story teller

- sound therapy

- self defense class

- lodging

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