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Please complete the application below for the 2021 Ogden Restaurant Week.

Application Requirements 

Restaurant must be located in Downtown Ogden

Restaurant must be full service and be able to offer the following; 

  •  Lunch - $10.00 for 2  items

      *restaurant must offer 6 choices minimum

  • Dinner - $20.00 for 3 items

      *restaurant must offer 9 choices minimum

Application & Fee deadline

Ogden Restaurant Week 2021 will take place November 4-13

Deadline to register is: July 31st 

Participation fee is $175 plus two (2) $25 gift cards. An additional $6 credit card handling fee for credit card payment.  Check or cash payment can be delivered or mailed to: 

Visit Ogden
2411 Kiesel Ave, Ste 401
Ogden, UT 84401

Email logos to


If you have any questions contact:

Steve Ballard: 801-388-5962


Participation Fee
Restaurant Name