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Interpreted Tour of the Deaf

Interpreted Tour of the Deaf


EDEN, UT, April 3, 2019 — On September 28, New World Distillery will be adding an additional tour for the deaf at 3:30 pm. This tour will be curated by Chris Cross and two interpreters will be on hand to interpret the tour and tasting for those in attendance.

World Deaf Day is celebrated every last week of September on a Sunday. As required by law, the distillery is closed on Sundays so owners Chris and Ashley Cross have added a tour at 3:30 on the Saturday
before World Deaf Day: Saturday, 28 September.
Ashley explains, “I have a long time friend whose wife is deaf. Together, the three of us sort of hatched
this idea to offer a curated and interpreted tour for those who might otherwise miss out on such an experience because of their deafness.” Ashley hopes this might become an annual event at New World.
Registration for the tour is required and because the full flight of spirit tastings is included, there is a fee.
“The fee is the same as any one of our public tours,” the owners explain. The fee is $20 per person. To
register your party, e-mail Ashley at and you will be added to the list.

New World Distillery is committed to representing the Ogden Valley with exceptional small batch, abovetop-shelf spirits. Founded by Chris and Ashley Cross, New World Distillery is a proud contributor to the
Ogden Valley community through responsible use of natural resources, International Dark Skies compliant lighting, solar-powered equipment and many other green processes, the details of which are shared
with customers when they tour the facility. A destination distillery, New World has a welcoming retail store
front and sells merchandise, mixers, and their own, site-distilled products. Their current line of products
includes their award-winning Oomaw Gin, Rabbit and Grass Blanco and Reposado Agave Spirits, Ogden
Valley VODKA, Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart Cherry Liqueur and the Uncharted Series.
New World Distillery opened its doors December 10, 2016 and is located at 4795 E 2600 N in Eden, Utah.
For more information, please see or visit the distillery in person.


For more information contact:

Ashley Cross, Founder
W: (385) 244-0144

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