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Ogden Amphitheater

The Ogden Amphitheater is owned and maintained by Ogden City Corporation. Management of the facility is through the Arts, Culture and Events Division of the Community and Economic Development Department.

The office is located at 2549 Washington Blvd. Ste. 914 Ogden UT 84401. Phone (801) 629-8547. Office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday (closed holidays and weekends).

The amphitheater is located in Municipal Gardens at 343 25th Street (corner of Washington and 25th).

Audience Area / Vendor or Exhibitor space:
The Ogden Amphitheater is an outdoor venue with a 3,000 Sq. Ft front of stage area that has 273 fixed seats and space for ADA seating. -19,700 Sq. Ft of sloped grass area suitable for standing or festival seating. – 7,460 Sq. Ft. of cement/paver surface suitable for standing, festival seating or portable bleachers - 9,000 sq. Ft. of cement/paver surface wraps the North perimeter (covered arbor) suitable for standing or accommodating vendors or exhibitors. (110 power available). The North entrance paver area is 9,300 sq. Ft. suitable for sponsor exhibits, welcome receptions or other gathering needs. Seated capacity approx. 2100 / Standing Only capacity approx. 7300

Stage dimensions are approximately 35’ wide x 30’ deep. The front portion (down stage) of the stage is a concrete floor and is approximately 35’ wide and 15’ deep. The rear portion of the stage (up stage) is a composite wood floor approximately 35’ wide and 15’ deep. A roll-up door that is 38’ wide and 20’ tall separates the front and back portions of the stage, creating the proscenium.

The backstage area consists of staging areas and two dressing rooms each with a heated restroom. Access to the backstage area may be gained through a man door and an 8’ wide roll up door located through the loading area. The Backstage Bistro is accessed from backstage.

Equipment, Lighting, Sound and Projection:
The Amphitheater has a lighting and a sound system suitable for most shows, outside agencies will be utilized to bring in additional equipment when necessary--at the cost of the renter. Each show is unique and will be assessed individually to determine equipment requirements, necessary staff time and charges. The Amphitheater has a 20x20 screen for projection (consider daylight when planning events).

Public Restrooms:
There are a total of 20 permanent toilets available at the Amphitheater, 4 of these are ADA accessible
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