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Day Trips - Beer and Spirits

Beer and spirits aficionados can easily make a day of an Ogden excursion…and discover plenty of award-winning libations in the process. New World Distillery in Eden makes the most botanical-rich and flavorful gin this author has ever sampled…along with out-of-this-world agave spirits, vodka, cherry liqueur, and small-batch bourbon (if you’re lucky enough to catch it before it sells out). While tours and tastings have been temporarily suspended  due to COVID-19, their package store can hook you up with the good stuff…right at the source!

Back down in Ogden, you’ll find Ogden’s Own Distillery in a brand new location, but with their ever-popular Five Wives Vodka, Underground Herbal Spirit, Madame Pattrini gin, and the entire family of Porter’s flavored liqueurs. And you might as well pick up some of their hand sanitizer that carried our area through some dark days of extreme shortage.

Just across the street from Ogden’s Own Distillery is the perfect place to start a brewery tour. While the Roosters B-Street Brewery is the newest addition and largest operation in the Roosters family, it’s the best place to try all of their latest creations. Roosters brought brewing back to Ogden 25 years ago at their original location on Historic 25th Street with Utah’s first “polygamy” themed beer: Polygamy Pale Ale. Out of that first, small location, they developed their other staples: Junction City Stout, Honey Wheat, Niner Bock and more. But their new, larger operation on B-Street has unleashed their creativity and no beer lover should miss stopping in to see what they’ve been up to. Of course, either location offers the great food that everyone around Ogden has come to expect.

Back across the tracks, Ogden’s newest brewery, UTOG, has settled into their new digs on Grant Ave. Guests have an unobstructed view of the entire operation while sampling dozens of brews and noshing on amazing bites. The back patio is the perfect place to enjoy a summer afternoon with a bit of corn hole, and puts you right by their beer store where you can pick up a  bit to take home.

Just off 12th Street, you’ll find Talisman Brewing Co. with their production facility, tap room and beer store all rolled into one. Prepare your tastebuds for some of the most flavorful beer profiles you’ll ever experience…and whatever you do, take home a few bottles of The Dagda.

If your tastes want to range beyond Ogden, hit either Angry Goat or Slackwater for the biggest selections of beers from all over. While you’re at Slackwater, you can look to the west and check up on the construction status of what will soon be Ogden’s newest brewery: Ogden River Brewing.