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Our plans for a notoriously successful future!

The COVID 19 pandemic put a spike in the heart of the global visitor economy. No other sector cratered like ours, from years of exponential growth to a collective shutdown of business. The pandemic, and the temporary disappearance of tourism and group business travel, exposed the positive impacts of the visitor economy in Weber County and provided a window of opportunity for Visit Ogden and its stakeholders to have a more prominent place at the table in terms of overall community and destination development advocacy.

Our abundance of safe outdoor recreation assets, combined with marketing efforts targeting western road trippers, helped our destination fare better than many others. Our venues were innovative and thoughtful, able to produce events as conditions permitted. While some destinations are waiting for a return to the status quo, we have been looking to the future and have invested considerable time and effort in crafting a robust 10-year destination development plan and have been aggressively pursuing its implementation.

COVID has dramatically accelerated our efforts to make definitive advances in sustainable tourism. Our destination has been “discovered” by many and while we still need to implement destination awareness initiatives, we now have the opportunity to put our community values at the forefront of future planning and use those values as a primary destination driver along with our abundant assets.

These pages share our roadmap for 2022 to address opportunities to align with greater industry, community and government collaboration to support initiatives designed to improve local quality of life, fuel destination development, attract outside investment and high-value talent, and elevate the overall destination.

The road stretches ahead of us, but we are confident that this roadmap will lead to a stronger community, sustainably linked to a vibrant visitor economy.

Sara Toliver, CDME

President/CEO, Visit Ogden