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How to Visit Ogden: Ski Week

How to Visit Ogden: Ski Week

First Annual Ski Week!

Posted: 01/13/2016

Some of the most eclectic shopping in the state of Utah is on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street...funky boutiques, galleries and antique shops are nestled between our local brew pubs, top-tier restaurants and bars of every type ranging from swanky to “dive.”

The wide range of businesses on “Two-Bit Street” stems from the fact that virtually every one of them is a sole proprietorship, and the personality of the individuals that own them is readily evident the second you step through the door. Virtually every aspect of these cool, small businesses is handled by their equally cool owners.

Additionally, these business owners are fully engaged in the community, volunteering at community events, attending city council and planning commission meetings, helping kids with homework, etc.

So here’s the conundrum: 80% of retail spending occurs after 5 p.m., but most, if not all, of Historic 25th Street’s retailers have to turn off the lights and lock the doors by around 6:00 in order to be the type of citizen that makes Ogden so unique. As a result, H 25 (pronounced “H two-five” for the uninitiated) isn’t top-of-mind when it comes to an evening of shopping.

Shoppers say, “There’s no reason to go shopping when everything is closed.”

Retailers respond, “There’s no reason to stay open when there are no shoppers.”

In an effort to break this vicious cycle and showcase just how vibrant 25th Street can be, retailers, restauranteurs, pubs and Visit Ogden are launching the first annual “Ski Week” on January 22 and running through January 25.

"Ski Week" is a loose term chosen for its brevity, but it includes snowboarders, snowshoers, nordic and downhill skiers, hikers, fat bike enthusiasts and even those who think winter is a time to hunker down and do nothing.

The concept is simple: retailers will extend their evening hours for shopping, restaurants  will offer specials, and bars will be thumping with live music. Add the built-in bustle that surrounds the Sundance Film Festival and you have "Ski Week."

The idea is that residents and visitors will come soak in the vibe of 25th Street and business owners will embrace the Field-of-Dreams idea that “if you build it, they will come.” The hope is that increased business leads to extended hours, a few more jobs and a more vibrant nighttime scene downtown.

See you on the street, January 22-25!

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