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Posted: 03/26/2020

No doubt, you’ve been spending more time than usual on social media recently. Between live feeds from local, state, and federal governments providing COVID-19 news updates, attempts to find a bit of levity in jokes and memes, checking in on friends and family, and keeping up on information on nearby restaurants offering curbside service, you may be seeing a lot more Facebook Live videos and long-format posts coming from the Ogden-area creative community.

The musicians, painters, sculptors, writers, dancers, poets, actors, and arts advocates in our community have definitely not stopped creating, nor has their desire to share it with all of us diminished. Grainy webcams and crackling laptop microphones notwithstanding, they continue to contribute to our vibrant arts scene from living rooms and small home studios. Some include Venmo or PayPal links, allowing those who have the means to offer financial support. Others simply share their talents, asking nothing in return, in an effort to offer a bit of light to friends, neighbors, and strangers.

For the time being, we will update this blog with links to these artistic endeavors as we formulate a better platform to support the amazing community of artists that make this such a vibrant place. As these artistic endeavors are added to in our ever-evolving circumstances, we invite anyone to email us [] with relevant content that we can add as it becomes available.


Take a virtual tour of the Ogden Eccles Art Center’s current exhibit, “Women — The Creative Edge.”

Additionally, their Facebook feed is sharing great art tutorials nearly every day and we fully expect to see several new artists emerging in our creative community as we emerge from our homes when things calm down.


The Ogden Nature Center is offering virtual versions of their “Wild Wednesday” instruction with this week’s episode taking a look under logs and learning about “Fabulous Fungi,” hosted by Brent Johnson. Follow the Ogden Nature Center on Facebook for new instructional videos weekly.


The Monarch has rapidly become the beating heart of Ogden’s Nine Rails Creative District and has ramped up the release of short, video studio tours of many of the artists that work there. It’s a quick way to familiarize yourself with the work of artists like Gene Chambers, Joanne Hall, Jonathan Morgan, Austin Luckett, Sara Austin, Sara Abagulum, Jada Kathryn Hughey, Carli Denise Miller, and more. Be sure to follow The Monarch on Facebook to stay up to date on artist profiles and studio tours.


Ogden’s new all-ages, inclusive, community-based music venue and hangout, has organized a three-day virtual music festival for March 27-29. “Love in the Time of Coronavirus” will feature dozens of locally based musicians, as well as acts that normally frequent our live music venues. The format will basically point viewers to each artist’s Facebook page during their scheduled set over the three-day span of the festival. The complete line-up and schedule can be found here


With over a quarter-million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Ogden’s own Jane Font’s series, “Painting with Jane” is a fantastic way to not only keep up with this iconic artist’s efforts, it’s an incredible instructional tool for anyone…especially parents looking for some great homeschooling projects.


This unique project organized by Ogden’s own The Proper Way and funded by a grant from Ogden City Arts documents the process of musicians coming together in the studio, getting to know one another, learning, arranging, and live-recording one cover and one original song with each guest artist. The project was filmed and recorded prior to the current coronavirus outbreak, and final editing has been rearranged to expedite its release in an effort to help featured area musicians as their income has vanished as a result of the outbreak. The producers warn that Ogden City Limits is “an unabashed look at musical sausage-making,” complete with the occasional expletive blurted out when a great take gets messed up, so it may not be suitable for all ages. The Season One premiere featured Michelle Moonshine. Subsequent episodes will be released as editing is finalized and will feature Carrie Myers, Andrew Wiscombe, Marny Proudfit, and Christian Scheller. Follow Ogden City Limits on Facebook for notification of new episodes.


Now is a great time to catch up on the entire family of podcasts available from The Banyan Collective including past episodes of Van Sessions, the Nine Rails Arts Podcast, LITerally w/Kase Johnston, the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show, and more!

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